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New FFA Table talk

@Shadow_Night_Black @zhavier would you folk be interested in another round?

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go for it!

I’ll pass for the moment. I’m amused watching you all play.

I know we’re still one person short of five, but I’ll go ahead and post the build I want to try now, so there’s no possibility of people having to wait on it later: [Necromancy]/Growth/Blood

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I’m game. I’ll even stick to the same codex.


[Strength], Balance, Blood

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Team : Vandy + Biggy & Rook

We’ve got 5 now, just waiting for builds and turn order

@feathers I think we’re just waiting on you to build your codex.


Let’s go!

Rngesus has spoken:


@Dreamfire create the game

This time round, do we want a shared spreadsheet on which we each update our board state as we go, so turns are easier to plan out?

That might help reduce mistakes, and I’m certainly willing to try it if someone wants to link to one.

Holy cow, do we actually not have any Future in this one?

That’ll be in Dreamfire’s team.

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If we each updated our new board states every turn in this doc, sorting out board states should become a lot simpler. Remember to update the turn number as well, so that the progress of the round is tracked and more importantly, it’ll be immediately apparent if someone neglected to update their status.


I… I hope not…


Can I make a suggestion that we update for others (lent patrollers, damage dealt to units/buildings, etc) in the Board State doc in every category but Economy? Basically each person collects their own patrol bonuses, sorts out their own hand/deck/discard numbers for drawn/destroyed cards at the start of their turn.

@Nekoatl sneaky.

Everyone, please don’t kill mine or Bob’s technician mercs. That messes up our redraw cycle and puts Nekoatl even more ahead.

Tech draws go to the owner of the patroller, not the controller, so your redraw cycle wouldn’t be affected, if I understand the rules correctly.

As for the spreadsheet suggestion, what’s the goal of that policy? It seems to me that dividing the responsibilities would only make it harder to coordinate changes.