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New FFA Table talk

Who’s up for more FFA shenanigans?

Previous game rollcall :
@Nekoatl @Shadow_Night_Black @Dreamfire

Sign Ups:

Reporting in. (btw Dreamfire said he wasn’t interested in doing another FFA atm)

Go for it, need to work on my appearing harmless it seems.

The best way to appear harmless is to be harmless.

How do you keep up with board state? Do you have any fancy way or you’re just scrolling and keeping in mind what died etc.?

What I do is start from the last post, looking for anywhere the board I’m thinking about has been tagged until I reach that board, then I mentally apply those changes, and repeat as many times as necessary until i’ve finished planning my turn. It might be nice if we had some centralized global state that we could each update as we take our turns, though.

I’d like to try, but playing on the forums already feels disorienting for me, so I feel like I’ll have no clue what’s going on unless I’ll make a whole other spreadsheet with everyone’s base HP, patrol zone, and tech building. And probably even their deck.

I have considered making a shared google spreadsheet for FFA games. Functionally it would just be the patrol and in play zones. But then each player would have to manually update it.

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Something I threw together, might be useful to you?

create a copy, then make it shareable and post a link for others to edit.


That’s pretty similar to what I started doing, though mine has all the patrols and base health so that they can be seen on one screen. I guess it’s not a huge difference. The issue is of course updating.

I guess I’ll jump in. Worse thing that can happen, I’ll just get demolished.


On my screen the whole thing is visible, at least on a 1920x1080 computer screen. You can change the zoom on the sheet, that might help. On a phone, probably not so much.

Well I just made a slightly different spreadsheet. I like having each spreadsheet on half a screen, split between the forums and the sheet (and the codexdb is sometimes on my other screen). The issue is, it’s just a lot of info - to update, and take in at a glance. For me forum games suffer for that reason and so I’m trying to figure out if FFA would be even worse. I guess I’ll have to try.

Of course it would be cool to make one that automatically updates when people change their sheets but that would make it more of a headache (I do it all the time with excel, I’m sure the same thing exists with sheets - we’d just have to figure out permissions and such). I’m not sure it’s necessary, and though it would save some trouble it won’t change that much of the experience.

Automating multiple sheets sounds like it would be more trouble than its worth, IMO. Especially because people may have individual quirks about how they arrange their sheets.

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Only one more and we can start this party!

I don’t disagree, I just have a quirk for automation. Some might say it’s a fetish (in the original meaning, not the colloquial one).

If nobody else joins by tomorrow, I’ll start with 4

Do we want to choose specs or random them?

I’ve already picked my spec, I’ve just been waiting for the green light to post it.

Since there don’t seem to be any takers for MMM, I’ll go ahead and jump back into the FFA fray.


Looks like people have specs they want to try, so after everyone posts their team, I’ll set up turn order and start.

My Team: Midori & Jaina + Drakk