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New FFA Table talk


[Necromancy] Truth, Balance


I’ll go with Growth/Future/Blood


[Discipline / Strength] / Future

Rngesus has spoken, turn order is


@Dreamfire start the fun!


Sure, are we using the same thread as before?

Start a new one, old one is getting rather big

Shouldn’t the heroe’s hall cost 3 because of multicolor penalty?

I now see you also built tech 1, it’s just not on your sheet and I missed it.

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I’m just going to point out that I have no upgrade removal, so someone else is going to have to deal with that Skeletal Archery unless we want Shadow getting free attacks on everyone for the rest of the game.

*Free attacks on anyone who doesn’t build a tower. Given how much stealth there has been in the last few games, Towers sound like a good option, and don’t require a card!

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It’s nice to point fingers as you eat my defenseless hero.


Hey, don’t blame me, blame the people who created the opportunity by clearing out your patrol zone.

Don’t blame, it’s the society.

Also, Shadow is getting really scary over there with Garth and his army of skeles. Who has Degray?

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Don’t worry most of them are going the way of the dodo next turn so I can catch back up on cards.

The fact that you’re saying that with 4 cards in hand is even more scary.

I mean, if you wipe my board I have even more reason to play Sac the Weak?

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I figure you’ll play that every time it comes into hand regardless, but it’s much more dangerous when you can snipe weak units before casting it.

@Bob199 I hate pitting brother against sister, but your board was getting scarier than everybody else’s combined, so something had to be done.

@Shadow_Night_Black I heard you last game. What do you say we take turns eating Bob’s base damage, in the mutual interest of keeping the Blood engine from getting out of hand?

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All I was doing was farming mercs & skeletons. I wasn’t hurting anyone!