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New FFA Table talk

A small problem with big consequences. Darned Blue and its almost complete lack of interaction with Tech III units.

Well, I thought about killing the Bugblatters, but that Hotter Fire makes that a non-starter. Hint to the people with Assimilate and Nature Reclaims.

@holytispon Fixed my post, seems I can’t suicide just yet.

I’d already killed holytispon’s Argagarg, do you want to pick another target?

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Ah, thanks, I’ll hit Shadow’s Garth then, I guess.

Is this now a Hero Free Game?

I hope not. Who will remove those Hotter Fires if not heroes? Basilisks? T-Rex? Although I have noticed that my Orpal never seems to stick around very long…

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Yep, will bring them in

None of mine have either, makes me wonder if it’s worth bringing them in, plus I don’t think the game is gonna last another reshuffle…

@Nekoatl - what’s your base health right now? not 13?

Ah, my HP went back up when I rolled back my turn to fix the Mirror limitation issue. It’s 13.

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What happens if I fly over a plague spitter - do I deal my full damage and then gets 3 -1/-1 runes or do I deal less damage already? I think all combat damage should be simultaneous, right?

Pretty sure it’s simultaneous

I think I win then. I’ll just post my turn and if it’s wrong, I’ll do something else then.

I think that’s just good for me.

I see nothing wrong there, well done!

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Been vying to get back on the Free-for-All (my favorite mode of codex at this point) scene for a while now, and somehow I manage to miss out on two in a row.

Congrats holytispon! This tipsy game mode looks even more chaotic from the outside, though the discussion logs never fail to amuse. Crunching those numbers and stealing a win is no small feat.

If anyone is interested in doing FFAs in the near future, hit me up! I’m ready to dive in head first.


I’ve already got my next build picked out (part of why I unnecessarily tried to bring this game to a swift end).

I need a break from the forums, so I won’t be joining the next game. This was really fun, I enjoyed the game and the players but not so much the medium. Feel free to take my spot if you want.

I’m always up for ffa, do we have 2 more?