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New FFA Table talk

Lol @ being called a threat for being the first able player to build their Tech II

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Obviously, but as first able, you’re going into one of the hardest to deal with factions holding good resources to boot.

Btw Feathers, you might not want to wait too long to tech up, lest you risk having Dreamfire Assimilate your Tree first.

What kind of monster do you take me for? :dizzy_face:

I’m not saying you would, just that you could.

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umm, I don’t have a grave, do you mean @Dreamfire’s?

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That would be correct

I did have a Primus, though, so Garg would be shot down.

Also @Bob199 looks like you didn’t pay for Garg’s breakfast.

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That feeling when you point out an error, which leads to your board being decimated…


@feathers which tech 2?

@Dreamfire Not until your next upkeep do you get any birds.


That makes a big difference, actually. Fixed my turn.

@Shadow_Night_Black Strength.

Not gonna lie, Im quite scared by the 3 hero meta possibility from Bob, but theres not much I can do to stop it so Im gonna have to rely on @Dreamfire and @Nekoatl to try and handle it.

Again, I’m willing to do my part, but any help would be appreciated - even just putting damage on one of the heroes.

@Shadow_Night_Black that Snapback you neutered me with would’ve come in handy, did you not have it? Also, you forgot Bugblatter in your turn summary, which by the way is almost equally as worrying considering the importance of single points of health balance in FFAs.

Updated turn summery, it must of got copied over by accident. And no unfortunely I had it the turn before last, and its not in my next hand either after the reshuffle, maybe dreamfire has his?

I’m more worried about the 15/15 demon that’s missing from the spreadsheet than Bob’s heroes, to be honest. If a Banefire Golem follows, one or the other will need to die immediately.

@Nekoatl 1 mo, just realised that Bob’s board position is way out of what is on the board state spreadsheet, got to update my turn…


Bob haven’t been updating the spreadsheet for a while now.

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