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New FFA Table talk

This time round, do we want a shared spreadsheet on which we each update our board state as we go, so turns are easier to plan out?

That might help reduce mistakes, and I’m certainly willing to try it if someone wants to link to one.

Holy cow, do we actually not have any Future in this one?

That’ll be in Dreamfire’s team.

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If we each updated our new board states every turn in this doc, sorting out board states should become a lot simpler. Remember to update the turn number as well, so that the progress of the round is tracked and more importantly, it’ll be immediately apparent if someone neglected to update their status.


I… I hope not…


Can I make a suggestion that we update for others (lent patrollers, damage dealt to units/buildings, etc) in the Board State doc in every category but Economy? Basically each person collects their own patrol bonuses, sorts out their own hand/deck/discard numbers for drawn/destroyed cards at the start of their turn.

@Nekoatl sneaky.

Everyone, please don’t kill mine or Bob’s technician mercs. That messes up our redraw cycle and puts Nekoatl even more ahead.

Tech draws go to the owner of the patroller, not the controller, so your redraw cycle wouldn’t be affected, if I understand the rules correctly.

As for the spreadsheet suggestion, what’s the goal of that policy? It seems to me that dividing the responsibilities would only make it harder to coordinate changes.

Ah, I see, my bad. It’s been a while.

The policy is mainly because you can’t perform tech draws for others though still able to edit their hand size from tech kills, and that people might very easily miscount their gold should we depend on someone else to add scav bonuses who then forgot, or vice versa. It’s essentially a division of public board states that everyone interacts with (which we edit for others as we affect them) and personal economy (which we sort out ourselves).

I think it would be better to simply remove the economy info from the shared spreadsheet. Requiring multiple people to participate in each turn edit means that it will be hard to tell whether the information is up to date, as one person might have made their updates but another might not have gotten around to it yet. Having the person who takes the turn make all changes resulting from that turn keeps it simple, and if there is an error or omission in the update, people can point it out instead of wondering if it’s an error or simply a case of the updates being out of sync.

Sure, sounds good.

If there are no stealing affects, like tax collector and pillage, then the economy is kinda irrelevant, sure, but if you interact with the economy, it could matter.

Even without stealing effects, gold values and hand sizes can change (discard, patrol bonuses, etc.) and people might want to take that info into consideration when planning their turns. People might react differently to a player if they have more gold than if they definitely can’t afford to play a potential threat.

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Wait, Garth Survived??? How am I supposed to resurrect him at max level and get a free tech 2 unit, all for the bargain price of $2, if nobody kills him? More importantly, what happened to my Javelineer? It should be in my play area, yes?

Nobody killed him, so yeah he should be there

I won’t have consistent PC access this week and I can’t edit from my phone , so I’ll edit when I can

Am I the only one worried about Bob, here? He’s just been quietly amassing an unholy amount of gold and good board presence. He’s now the first out of all of us to build a Tech II, Demonology no less, and I sincerely doubt that his techs are Voidblockers.

Bob does seem to have a talent for winning FFAs.

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Lol @ being called a threat for being the first able player to build their Tech II

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