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New FFA Table talk

:heart: you too Neko, but I think you forgot to add a :codexzane: emoticon

Btw, I didn’t break your base out of spite, revenge, or any other sort of personal grudge. I just wanted to break someone’s base, and your post happened to be the one I was looking at at the time.

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How exactly does if work now? We each get a turn?

You each take 1 turn, then compare base HP. If they’re the same at that point, repeat.

Except the one small problem that Quince’s midband doesn’t work on tech 3 units, so you only have two gryphons @Nekoatl


It might not be relevant considering Shadow’s last comment, but I’m still curious: if a couple of players make it to sudden death, is the rest of the board still considered to be in existence? Things like, just off the top of my head, a defeated or eliminated player’s Bugblatters.

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A small problem with big consequences. Darned Blue and its almost complete lack of interaction with Tech III units.

Well, I thought about killing the Bugblatters, but that Hotter Fire makes that a non-starter. Hint to the people with Assimilate and Nature Reclaims.

@holytispon Fixed my post, seems I can’t suicide just yet.

I’d already killed holytispon’s Argagarg, do you want to pick another target?

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Ah, thanks, I’ll hit Shadow’s Garth then, I guess.

Is this now a Hero Free Game?

I hope not. Who will remove those Hotter Fires if not heroes? Basilisks? T-Rex? Although I have noticed that my Orpal never seems to stick around very long…

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Yep, will bring them in

None of mine have either, makes me wonder if it’s worth bringing them in, plus I don’t think the game is gonna last another reshuffle…

@Nekoatl - what’s your base health right now? not 13?

Ah, my HP went back up when I rolled back my turn to fix the Mirror limitation issue. It’s 13.

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What happens if I fly over a plague spitter - do I deal my full damage and then gets 3 -1/-1 runes or do I deal less damage already? I think all combat damage should be simultaneous, right?

Pretty sure it’s simultaneous

I think I win then. I’ll just post my turn and if it’s wrong, I’ll do something else then.