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Looking to do another multiplayer match, up to 5 players, each playing a different monocolor. We had a lot of fun the last time, and I think we all learned a lot about how very different the game is under the multiplayer rules. Despite blacks game warping shenanigans, blue ended up winning last time.

If you are interested, declare a monocolor, first come first serve. Last time red was left out, so I will be taking red. Turn order will be determined by

I randomed 33/100.

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I want to play purple.

I randomed 77/100.

So I’m guessing we’re just doing the typical “list your turn” setup without pictures or anything, or has something else been devised for PbP play in the last few months that I missed?

Haven’t got to do Codex in a while, glad I caught this. I’ll be a literal devil’s advocate and do Black this time, random 65/100.

Excellent idea ! I’ll go on Mono-Blue (<3) = 47 :smile_cat:

That was fast :slight_smile:

One spot left for green or white. :slight_smile:

Yes the format will be to post all your turn actions and your ending board state. The catch is you need to @ tag players with any action that effects that player. And you will need to read all the turns to figure out what each player’s board state is when it comes back around to you.

For example
Play Hooded Executioner, kills @player1’s wisp, @player2’s Overeager Cadet, and @player3’s aged sensei.

Also there will be a two threads, one for turn actions, and one for table talk, banter and discussions of temporary alliances

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Part of the problem in the first game was that StW was effectively free because the black player got 2 gold for killing two units. Are we sure this is how that rule is supposed to work? Perhaps it might be better to only grant ‘bounty’ gold for units killed in combat during your turn?

I checked the rules document and the wording used was “whenever you kill a unit”, so perhaps the “destroy/sacrifice” effects of StW and other spells don’t apply? I’m up for the change if everyone agrees on it, would paint less of a big red target on me that way too :relaxed: Maybe @sharpobject can take a look at this?

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The fact that black didn’t win would seem to me to make an argument that it is not unbalanced. That said, I think the biggest thing is that you are limited to 3 gold bounty each turn. And I interpret kill as causing things to die on your turn, regardless of the mechanism. If they wanted a narrow interpretation of kill, then there is plenty of verbage already on other cards and other parts of the rules that could have been used instead.

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I’ll hop on for green ^^

Hey, what did you rolled on please ? :slight_smile:


Sorry, I forgot to roll ^^

Ok, we will turn this thread into the table talk thread, and I will start up a new thread for actual Turns. Looks like I will be going last, which might be terrible for Red. If you make any game errors, edit your turn rather than reposting the turn. Otherwise your turn should reflect your board state as of the end of your turn, no need to edit it as other people take their turns. Try not to clutter the turn thread, to make it easier for people to quickly look at all 4 other players board states.

  1. @neigutten, Green, 84
  2. @Shadowfury333, Purple, 77
  3. @Feathers, Black, 65
  4. @Castanietzsche, Blue, 47
  5. @Zhavier, Red, 33

It sounds like you could really use a third thread, that’s just 5 posts with board states (no actions) for each player, edited after every turn by a 6th person as a GM who does not sleep. (Sadly, I do not volunteer.) Would it be possible to do that, but make the posts wiki’s so that everyone can edit the full board state after their turn?

And apologies if I’m suggesting making things more complicated than they need to be. I just tried to imagine reading over 4 turns with units and heroes dying and bouncing and losing HP, and holding all of that in my head before my own turn, and my brain hurt.

In any case, y’all have fun with it! I’m rooting for Red! Rickety Mines are much better in multiplayer!

I don’t see a third thread being any easier and with player tags for any relevant action, players can quickly see whether any other board states changed. And a GM would only be required if there was hidden information that required tracking. Any player could theoretically update board states, and it could be a way to do it, but I’m going to stick with this format for now, unless I’m outvoted.


Well, I am done with my turn at least ^^ my first FFA, so I am relying on you other guys to lend me your patrollers!

Also pleae note, we played Sacrifice the Weak wrong last time. Sirlin has said sacrifice effects don’t generate bounties.

Hooded Executioner however is a destroy effect. So is obliterate. Until sharpo can come back with further clarification, I propose we assume that “sacrifice” is the only keyword that prevents getting a bounty.


@Shadowfury333 it’s your turn ^^

Oh yea, it was found helpful if you tagged the next player in turn order at the beginning or end of your turn post. ( i just edited it into the post template of the google sheet)

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You don’t tech 2 cards on turn 1, so those 2 cards should not be in your discard yet. just move them from your discard back into the 2 tech slots in the spreadsheet.

The google sheet supports 5 players, it looks like you marked yourself as player 2 instead of 3.

What? I didn’t see that stipulation about tech in the FFA rules when I checked earlier, or is that just a technicality of how the sheet works?