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Looking for TTS players

…so I’m really interested in this game Codex, but I’m not just jumping in at the two hundred dollar price tag. What I’m looking for is anyone who wants to play Codex over Tabletop Simulator. My steam id is bpdonnelly2 and feel free to friend me. Also, anyone who has a copy of TTS should post there username here so others can play them. Really looking forward to some Codex games, thanks for your time.


Try the Tabletopia thread: Tabletopia

Tabletopia has an official Codex mod, TTS does not.

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TTS has the starter set, which is acceptable because it is freely available.
Any full version modules got pulled down.
Tabletopia has the starter set for free also, and monthly subscription to their whole library, which includes codex full version.

… I still prefer TTS’ interface though.