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Codex is available on Tabletopia!!!

Bashing vs Finesse is free-to-play.
Full game is Premium (5$ per month to have access to all Premium games or 9$ per month and allow you to invite non-Premium people to play with you).

This is less expensive than a movie ticket or a Starbuck coffee.

I strongly suggest to watch the tutorial:
It will help to know the shortcuts and interaction in Tabletopia.

You can find me on Tabletopia here:

Looking for TTS players

to everyone: is a rules not enforced version, that requires a monthly fee, forever.
As for my humble self, i am not interested.


It is less expensive than a movie ticket or a Starbuck coffee to have access to the whole Premium librairy of Premium games.


Indeed it is.

Anyone wants to play, just add me to your friends list in Steam. SteamID: ComradeBoris


Only for as long as you actually want to pay :wink:


added! <3 damn char limit!


I just tried the in-browser invite thing, and this is pretty great ^^


feel free to invite me anytime! (if u can ofc) Steam name Legion


If both players agree, CAWS matches may be played via tabletopia, just be sure to let me know.


I seem to remember that there was some type of asynchronous play possible from Tabletopia? That you can do a turn, exit, and another player can enter the same room and do her turn, and so forth? @Leontes?


the day has come

I’m holding off until the iPad version of tabletopia hits, but… hmmm


I tried it last night. We were exhausted on turn 2 and stopped playing.
It takes a lot of time picking up cards , flipping them, adjusting money, it is just tiring.
Maybe after some time getting used to controls and becoming fast at handling the items in the sandbox, it will be enjoyable to play.
I couldnt find a way to basically pick up all 10 starting cards and put them in the draw. I had to do it one by one.
Same thing with discarding 3 cards from my hand. I had to flip them in my hand one by one then putting them in discard, one by one.

Finally, it takes a long time fo a card to “lock” in a pile.many times it just doesnt lock in and become placed awkwardly on top of the rest of the draw pile.

I will definitely give it more tries and try to accustomed to it

If anyone wants to try, add me on steam or tabletopia. Same handle “MVashM”


just tried, imho is bad. 1) i could not found anywhere the gold chits. 2) trying to draw i ended misplacing the starting deck, then i managed to draw but not to put back the deck in place.
3) i have no idea if flipping my card makes the opponent see them.
God, is so complicated, even putting a worker requires a lot of clicks.
So far PBP is much better


Did you watch this tutorial of what I believe is an early version of the tabletopia implementation?

It seems a lot of the convenient controls are not obvious just by looking at the interface.


no i did not watch it. thanks, made eveything more clear. Yet my impression of the interface stays the same :frowning:


After trying it myself, I have to say the most important thing I’m missing is an action log. Without that I see no benefit over using the PbF spreadsheet for asynchronous play as you still have to write down your actions manually.

While it might be decent for live play, even there it seems cumbersome to look for changes in the tiny counters on the other side of the board all the time.

Edit: I’m definitely also missing a shortcut for “make a stack out of all the cards I selected”. Okay… Discarding seems to work properly if there’s already a card there, but if the Discard is empty there seems no good way to discard all your cards from the hand at once.


The tutorial explains all of these issues :stuck_out_tongue: so watch it and the next time it will be a better experience ^^


That’s a point brought by Leonte to Tabletopia.


I added a link to the tutorial: in the original post.


I didn’t try playing yet but I messed around for like 15 minutes last night to see what it felt like. When you’re moving cards to deck or discard, the pile is highlighted (red iirc?) when you’re in a correct position and about to move cards into the pile. You can shift-click cards to move multiple around at once, and if even though they are spread out while handling them, moving them into a deck takes them all in there neatly. Any cards moved into the decks end up face down even if you don’t flip them beforehand (though I don’t know if the opponent sees them while you’re moving them, which would make this a moot point).