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Looking For Online Players

okzz…i will try to catch u…

10:30 New York / 7:30 San Francisco time?

Hey Bucky, cub having a rough day so I’ll be keeping an eye on him and won’t make our Wed meetup. Looking forward to next week, tried some of the techniques against the bots with success but I suspect the bloat the AI encourages in my decks won’t serve me well against a real opponent. Have a good week!

I’d be up for a few games in an hour or so, if anyone would like to play. Will check the thread again in 30 mins

Short notice, but I’m available today at noon. Tweaked my knee at work, going to be off for a while. But of course, Murphy’s Law: Physio is on Wed at 11am lol.

I could hit our old timeslot tonight if no one has taken it, otherwise let me know when works best for you (Mon and Tues are no-go due to board game days I host).


I can’t do any Puzzle Strike today, sorry.

I’ll play sometimes. Just add me to Steam.

Request sent! Your OMF2097 profile pic is :kissing_closed_eyes::ok_hand:

This is me: Anyone who wants to play please add me, because I really want to get back into Puzzle Strike, and my current strategy of having the app open and being on the QM queue or being alone in a room I made, and also sending Steam friend requests to everyone who logs in, hasn’t been successful :sweat_smile:


Haha yuji, I’ve been trying to do the exact same thing :joy:

@Bucky @ZenDog
Please send invites so we can play :grin::grin:

I sent SirHandsome and Yuji invites on steam !


Not on Steam, using the app thru Ipad. Would be nice to start playing again. Is there a particular time that works better for you? I’m on the Pacific Time Zone.

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Huuh, we have 10 hours difference, I’m in utc +3 (Helsinki), so 9am for you = 19 for me. And 9am for me = 23 for you. I can play morning time on weekends.

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Just want to make sure anyone who follows this topic sees the Forum Quick Match topic as well. Once enough people sign up we’ll be able to start having weekly PS games!


Hey, if weekends work for you I should be able to swing that. I’m usually up late with boardgame nights so I can slot something in!

Thanks for the heads-up!

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Anyone up for some puzzle strike?