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Friday, 7:30 Pacific time?

Can do! I picked up the Shadows expansion (boardgame). Neat characters, seem to have ‘busier’ character chips than base game.

Sorry Bucky, bumped to nightshift due to colleague sick. Gotta get some sleep before shift, cancelling.
Try for next week, really enjoying the teaching games!

My Sunday just opened up after all.

I will catch you then!

My apologies for missing our match, things got busy on this end: on Standby in Emerg from 1800 'til now… Sorry if you were waiting a long time. I’ll post some of my thoughts on Grave/Lum/Oni tomorrow, had some really interesting games but too wiped to really get the thoughts down right.

Impression: Grave reminds me of the painter, Valerie, versatile and seemed decent at all 3 main approaches (although Rush seemed more difficult to pull off than Econ or Defence).

Chips: Reversal was solid draw and great counter, Martial Mastery helped wash and also clear wounds/revise chips, and Versatile Style helped with boosting economy (or another wash in a pinch).

Highlights/Lowlights: No real standouts here, I think he was kinda generic and so no real beatdowns either way. Jack of all trades, master of none kind of impression.

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Impression: Lum really didn’t appeal to me initially, but once I reigned in my chip count from bloating and paid more attention to the bank I started to enjoy him more. Seems very vulnerable to what the bank offers.

Chips: Jackpot was good practice at gauging the opponent’s hands, started to make me an amazing amount of money over a game. Also, pulled off purple grabs three times and that really swung those games. Panda’s Bargain shined in banks where I could fake a purple buy somehow, still struggling with when to fire it and when to ditch it. Living on the Edge initially seemed a waste but did win me two matches, one I should have won anyway but got lazy with clearing and the second I had no right winning but it cycled back to back and stole the win for me.

Highlights/Lowlights: Not so much a highlight vs any particular character, but really more of a preference for banks that let me sneak in purples thru PB and had ways to thin my deck in the later stages of the match. Had a real rough time against Midori, between his Dragon Form messing with my counters and his Rigorous Training punishing me for badly timed buys I really struggled to get the edge there.

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Impression: Onimaru was hard to get a handle on, ended up using some pretty poor rushes and fizzling out mid/late game with a soft set of chips and no economy. Once I started being more thoughtful with his chips I enjoyed him.

Chips: Riposte was nice for pigging and to react to heavy red banks, but being a blue arrow really messed me up. Double slash was misused frequently until I started to pick my spots, was good at trimming my gem pile or drawing out big counters. Wartime Tactics is amazing! Took the longest to get in my head, but once I remembered your point on getting a good spread of chip costs in your deck I really took a shine to this one. Really forced me to read the bank but won me almost every game I played. Stellar chip!

Highlights/Lowlights: Again, hard to pick out particular matchups that shone or stunk, but I did find myself struggling if the bank didn’t have forks or econ chips. Oni seemed to be really vulnerable to messing up my sequencing of arrows, and maybe just compared to the other two I played but he also seemed to struggle with upgrading his gems (or just econ in general).

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Given that Sunday evening coaching has become a regular event, is anyone else interested in Sunday evening scrims before the coaching?

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What time are you thinking? I might be able to join.

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The coaching starts at 10:30 New York / 7:30 San Francisco time. Scrims would happen an hour or so earlier.

Sorry, that time doesn’t work for me. I might be on later in the day, though… I sometimes play with my sister, though we usually put a password on our room. If anyone is interested in spectating, I might leave it without a password next time.

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There is a strong possibility that I can play a friendly match on Wed/Thurs/Fri around 2pm San Fran/5pm NY time. There is a window of opportunity before work, but it’s not guaranteed as the little cub might wake up from his nap.

Afraid that probably won’t work for me either, but there’s a small chance. I’ll post here if I can make it any of those times.

Hey, able to get on earlier today if possible, looking like 6pm. Had some staff turnover, looks like my hours will change, Wednesday looks like my option for a weekly gig if that works for you. I can be flexible with the hours too, let me know what works. As for tonight, I’ll be on earlier and keeping an eye out.

Be on around 7:15… Must be a full moon, lots of calls to deal with today lol.

Would you like to switch the day for Sunday coaching?

Sry, thought I had posted earlier that Sundays were off the books for now (shift change), I’ve been on Wednesdays. This Sunday might still work, next two won’t unfortunately. Next Wed anytime after noon is open as well.
Summer messes things up here, might be hit or miss until Fall.

Ok, let’s move it to next Wednesday at noon.

Everyone else, this means I have a Sunday evening coaching slot free.

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