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Looking For Online Players

Hello. Just picked up Puzzle Strike for iOS to complement my tabletop version, looking to get in some online games to get familiar with it and hopefully improve! Anyone up for some friendly matches, maybe once or twice a week? I’m on Pacific Time Zone. :relaxed:

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Sunday evening - 8:00 Pacific time?


Right on! Thx for quick reply. I’ll keep an eye out for you. :+1: I’m hoping this game catches on with my boardgame group, looks like a blast.


Sorry to bail Bucky, we’ve got a patient with suicidal ideation and potential elopement…looks like I’m tied up tonight. I’ll see if I can free up at 8 and check for you online but I suspect not gonna happen so don’t wait on my account. Sorry again, see if I can catch you next week.

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I’m still here. I’ll post again when I leave.

(EDIT): Leaving.

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Hey, thx for attempt, sry for bailing…stupid adulting. I’ll try something next week.

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Same time?

Yes, that’d be great. I am generally taking my break around that time. Usually Sunday is pretty tame, so shouldn’t go sideways this time… tempting fate

I’m good to go for now, just getting tablet up and running.

Sorry, I had a time zone error. I have a room open now.

No i was early, just messing around with the bot. Thanks for the matches, that was an eye-opening experience. Lots to process, see if any of it sticks next week! Have the boardgame crew over tomorrow night so playing a few 4-player games with the cardboard version. Now I have a few things to actually teach them. Whew, I’m wiped, let me know what time works for you next week. Thx again!

Re: 4 player teaching

I’d recommend learning the basics in 1v1s, after perhaps one or two 4-player games to teach the game mechanics (turn structure, arrows etc.). 4-player games have this intricate politics layer to determine the winner, which falls apart if player A can’t see that player B is threatening to try to eliminate player C.

We talked about :pscrash: threat assessment last night; everyone at that table needs that skill for a 4-player game to make sense.

Also, don’t forget the floating gems rule on the last turn of the game; it probably determines who wins.

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I know when I used to play four player no one took it seriously at all, and no one knew the strategy.
They all had fun, I guess, until I did the Setsuki blowout…

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Right. I’ll break into pairs after a couple go throughs of the First Game bank. I’ll try to get that assessment point across early. Thanks for the heads-up. :slight_smile:
Took me a bit to get the floating gem thing, but I think I’ve got it. Have played a couple games and there has been such a spread in gem piles it hasn’t come up yet, but that would have snuck by me for sure.

That’s what I’m hoping to avoid, tough to balance avoiding teaching bad habits AND giving players free reign to durdle around and enjoy the game. I’m hoping a couple of them like it enough to get a little more serious with it and start a regular thing. Quite a spread in ages/background/skill level through the group as far as boardgames, so I know some will just ‘push buttons’ to see what happens and I want to keep a place for that too!

To reiterate what I said in the other thread:
I’d like to play some PS again: I’ve read a lot of competitive guides but never but much of it into practice.
I’m in central Europe though, so timezone is GMT+2.
I’m usually online on Steam after 6pm GMT. Steam name is the same as on the forums.

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Right on. With that big of a time difference, looks like Mondays and Tuesdays might fit. I’ll check for you around noon my time. Be nice to get some games in sometime, be neat to talk some of that strategy. :+1:

Are we doing Sunday Evening Coaching again tonight?

(E) Yes, we did.

I don’t think I’ll make it this Sunday (the 18th).

Roger that. If another day works this week let me know and I’ll try to accommodate. Thx for heads-up.