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Live Fast and Undie Young [Single Day Tourney]

In the spirit of the holidays and the new year, I have returned after a little hiatus from Yomi to bring you a nice, relaxing new tournament:

LIVE FAST AND UNDIE YOUNG is a single-day, single-elimination Yomi tournament where the only playable characters are Yomi’s three unrelenting undeads: Master Menelker, Gwen Grayson, and Vendetta! Huge damage and small life totals promise to make this an lightning slugfest where only the most ruthless will emerge victorious.


  • Saturday January 6th at 10am PST/6pm UTC. (This can be changed if enough people need it to be.)
  • Single elimination
  • Best of 5
  • Fast timer
  • In the case of a double KO, replay the MU
  • Standard counter-picking rules
  • Players may ONLY play Menelker, Gwen, or Vendetta

As always, let me know if you are interested in playing so I can gauge whether attendance will be good on the day of!

Some say you’ll rest when you’re dead; those people just aren’t motivated enough to keep on going!

[details=Single Day Tourney Hall of Fame]1. @Shax, the Greatest Grappler
2. @Zqxx, the Most Inhuman One
3. @Legion, the Familial Arbiter
4. @BD_Corro, the Master of Variance
5. @Legion, the Fantasy Strike Champion[/details]


I just bought a pack of new undies, so count me in. :stuck_out_tongue: :chibilum: :gwen:


I put this onto the Yomi Tournament Calendar with the dates above, and will do my best to update if the times change.


I’m a simple man.

I see a Gwen-based tournament, I enter.


I don’t play any of these characters, but the way I see things it’s not much commitment to participate because of that. I’ll just get eliminated in the first round and get to spectate some Yomi! I’m in. :wink:


I’m hardly an expert on any of these characters, but I like all of thme! I’m in!


count me in (unless something happens) mono menelker!


I’d love to be there, but with my work finishing usually at 6pm UTC on a saturday, the odds are not in my favour.

If anyone at all plays Vendetta in this field they are a fool.

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Yeah, I had the same thought, based on my fairly limited experience in these matchups.

…says the man most likely to play Ven in this format.

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I’m not touching this bear trap with a 4-foot broom handle, my friend.

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Once we get an idea of who all is interested in attending, we could see if shifting the start time to a little later might be doable. :slight_smile:

Hello, I respectfully request that Worldtimebuddy links don’t use city names and instead only use time zones, and also include the “Your Time” feature, which automatically is added if you create an event.

The time would then look like this:

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I did not even know World Time Buddy had a function like that, but it is definitely useful! I have replaced the original time link with yours.

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No Perse means no Fluff.

Also, the meta will be Gwen>Mene>Ven



I have no idea whether I’ll be free, but if I am, I’lll definitely turn up and see what happens


but vendetta beats them all by topdecking all his best options.


Hi cool tourney idea, I’ll sign up


wb fenix! (10 chars)