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IYL 7 Playoff Results

Report your IYL 7 Playoff Games here!

Continuing the discussion from IYL7 - Morningstar Sanctuary - Match Reports:


Copying over these results.

EDIT: Nice going, forums. Really helping me out here.


JonnyD vs @migohunter

:quince::pschip::psfist::quince: Random gods gave me Quince and then I got DESTROYED.
:argagarg::psfist::pschip::menelker: Sometimes Argagarg just has 2 jokers and doesn’t care about getting RAW DSD’d.
:jaina: :psfist::pschip::menelker: Last combat.

JonnyD wins 4-3.

Mi-go is uploading later. This was very close. He made the right calls, but I think the draws were on my side. Thanks for the games.


That uh, that’s a lot of fish.

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Vs @JonnyD

Probably couldn’t have ended any closer, ggs dude


mastrblastr 4 - 2 @CKR
:zane: > :zane:
:zane: < :zane: Zane mirrors are the craziest MU in Yomi and IMO are extremely skill intensive despite the insane variance. I feel comfortable in the MU and thought opening :zane: would do best against the possible chars I thought @CKR would lead on. He played the MU really really well which isn’t surprising at all.
:troq: > :zane: comfortable win where he had a terrible hand and I never gave him the opportunity to win
:troq: < :geiger: unbelievably close match. Got him down to 20hp to my 60. he had THREE TDs poked out the first 2 to get him to 5, and he lethaled me on the 3rd. He got a ton of blocks off and a huge hand so it was a deserved monster hand that he had.
:zane: > :geiger: I had every tool I needed drawn at pretty much the perfect time and got to go full rushdown
:zane: > :troq: I threw caution to the wind went in hard, never blocked used all cards to go down to 1 card converting maximum damage every opportunity, and then squeezed out the last few points.

GGs CKR, I know it wasn’t the result you were hoping for, but these were great games and each one was really fun and interesting.


@JonnyD vs @GutterOwl

:quince::psfist::pschip::persephone: I took mi-go’s advice and opened Quince. 2 Engine + going ham works.
:quince::psfist::pschip::persephone: 2 Engine again again.
:quince::psfist::pschip::persephone: I disrespected AA a bunch, got punished, then I probably got the luckiest last turn reveal I’ve had in tournament. So surprised it worked.
:quince::pschip::psfist::persephone: Brought it to last combat, but got outplayed.
:quince::psfist::pschip::persephone: I honestly forget most of what happened but I won with wake up 7 Throw> Q++ for lethal. I think I played flowchart J spin a lot lol.

JonnyD wins 4-1. Pretty long set. GGs. You performed pretty well this tournament.


quince is hella scary.


I was hoping for the win, but losing will keep me motivated. Honestly, I was surprised to see Zane in game 1. I thought we might do the Zane/Oni runback. In the past, I have actually been scared of the Zane mirror. I now feel comfortable in that MU. I was willing to go the whole way with that. Alas, we entered the Yomi 20XX meta, and I was outplayed.



mastrblastr 4 - 1 @mysticjuicer
:troq: > :troq: Yet again I decide I’d like to make a statement and try to win the expected mirror match. Super close set, I pulled ahead early, got hit by all 4 Queens midgame to get behind, was down 15-50 or so and was able to close it out, winning on Q outspeeding AA
:troq: > :onimaru: got a lot of blocks off, was able to build a big hand and hit with normal straights
:troq: > :onimaru: shifted to extreme aggression and rushed down before oni could build a functional hand.
:troq: < :setsuki: Guessed wrong every time got outplayed, even had 2 of my attacks dodged. Not at all close.
:onimaru: > :setsuki: Sets had a terrible starting hand and was never able to dump and I spammed dodges against what felt like an awkward hand to get out of from a throw.

GGs Juicer, was fun as always, and we definitely need to have more matches vs each other!


Can’t say I enjoyed it as much as you did, but I am looking forward to playing you more. :slight_smile: ggs


I decided to watch the game 1. Juicer, that was your game to win. Mastrblastr came out super aggressive and you adjusted perfectly. I was awestruck by what happened in the late game. I do know that things happen, but you had a good chance to start off well. btw, I was rooting for you after my defeat because mastrblastr is my demon. He can’t be yours, too. I may check out the rest. I definitely will if there is a VOD. ggs, mastrblastr.


Yeah, it feels pretty bad to pick the only losing move in your hand 4 turns in a row…


Congrats to our finalists, @JonnyD and @mastrblastr!


Looking forward to watching the finals! :smiley: Should be a good fight!


JonnyD vs @mastrblastr


JonnyD wins 4-2

Uploading the Vod without commentary but some of these were really close. Thanks for the games.


I really enjoyed that. I only caught the last couple of matches. @mastrblastr was definitely playing a strong KD mixup game. In the end, your Val proved just fast enough in the mighty battle between Zane 7 attack versus the Val 6 attack. Keep boppin. Congrats to the champion Jonny with the most Ds.


great great games, was salty about g1 and g3 but more salty at myself for letting it slip away, and you played great and earned the win. G1 i was 14 or 15 normals on top of the deck. G3 I had no blocks for 5 turns but it didn’t end up being a big deal. G3 I had 3 vs 1 last combats to win, G5 1 v 1 and G6 3 v 1. So that’s on me. I’m strangely not upset, it was just a really good match.


Damn I was away from home while all this happened. Congrats @JonnyD you deserve it, I’ve been saying for a long time that you’re one of the best yomi players and you’ve proved it today. :+1:

Of course mastrblastr is no slouch, he has played Yomi for a long time and gets consistently good results almost every time. GGs to both!


This man has never lost an international game of tag in his life! :open_mouth: Congrats JonnyD! Sounds like it was a hell of a fight!

Gratz to mastrblastr for the 2nd place finish!