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Is there interest in this tournament?

I am getting interested in some Yomi again, what a great game!

I’d love hosting some one-day-tournaments, with fast timer of course!

But, the question is: should it also be EX tournament? With an Arg ban? Who would be down?


It shouldn’t be EX characters. Why would you ban Arg? In any case I’m in if my schedule permits.

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If I remember correctly, EX Arg is overpowered. There is other balance issues and many balance issues are unexplored in the EX format. Personally, I do not like the EX format for this reason. However, it is OK to a run tournament to explore the format. Neigutten always like things spicy, and I am glad to see him back.

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I would like to. I have all EX, but I am against bans. I mean, Ex perse is super OP too, leading to hard locks very ezl. The only ban I would require is for timerscam, since is against the rules, and exists simply due to a bug in the interface.

What is the timer bug? I thought it just played your leftmost card?

EX Gwen = Timer Scam


when you power up, you are supposed to power up at once with all the cards you have in hand. Meaning if I have 3-3-4-4-K-J-Q, i’d be supposed to take at most 2 aces with the couples of 3 and 4. In game, instead, you can power up with the 3, the 4 and even with the 2 As you have just PU for. Ppl do it for Lum’s 10 or sets’ Sotf, but they are actually illegal moves. In EX format, you can PU for any card. That means that high drawing chars like gloria and gwen can timerscam: IE: draw a lot until the deck is thin, PU for stuff, use the stuff you have just PU for to further PU until you run out of cards and win game. That’s timerscam.


Ah, I see.

EX fast timer? I’m interested, when are we playing?

I think it’s mostly because the “deal 5 damage every turn” effect means Arg can win matches really handily, even if he’s just throwing out attacks with wild abandon. He beats most characters in 18 combats or fewer even if he deals no damage. They can trade damage with him, but they’re card-limited. (Basically, they have to deal 85 damage with half of their deck, and this also needs to factor in the possibility of a Joker.)

That said, from what folks are saying, it’s possible that the EX characters are basically a series of hard counters to one another.

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I wasn’t thinking about EX Arg when I asked.

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I would still be interested because this sounds bonkers.

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I’m interested in fast timer tournaments, but I don’t have many ex characters.

grind them! grind them like there’s no tomorrow XD

Or, just spend 4-5 dollars on what you think the carousel is going to be! :wink:

EX Quince is fair and balanced babycakes. :wink:


EX Sets for me!

EX sets is meh, mate :frowning:
Best are geiger, degrey, perse, arg, gloria.
Imo Rook is very strong too in this format, i won the last EX tournament with him.

But I like EX Sets…


I’d like to propose that anytime someone counterpicks a Quince with Geiger, the Quince player gets to play EX Quince. CHANCELLOR’S VETO ON YOUR TIME SHENANIGANS YOU CHRONO CHARLATAN!