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Is there interest in this tournament?

I’d be down for fast timer EX, would give me motivation to unlock more characters.

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In an effort to collect some data on the balance of EX Yomi, I think I’ll do some EX stuff!

Does this timeframe work for those interested?

If enough people like to do it this sunday, I’m sure we could fix that. But mostly just checking if this timeslot works for those who are interested! :smiley:

any ruling about timerscam?

Timerscams are for scums! They are literally illegal moves, tho technically possible in the client. Pay attention to your opponent! :stuck_out_tongue:

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When did that happen? Do you know if it was within the time that @mysticjuicer was recording data? Do you remember the name of the tournament?

hmm, tbh idk. maybe a couple years ago?

It’s very likely that it did. I don’t record EX stats, because it would mean making the spreadsheet 40x40 for very little benefit. It might have happened before I started recording tournament winners as well, since that was a more recent addition to the tracking sheet, though cpat helped me back-fill that info. We probably just didn’t record EX tourneys there either.


Makes sense. Maybe I’ll try and trawl through the old forums to find it, and make a copy of your sheet w/ the EX tournament records so that I can pull them into the yomi-skill data.


I remember i won my most recent EX tournament with Perse because of how one sided the Arg MU was.

She probably just dies to Sets and Gwen though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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yeah, vs sets hard lock is impossible. She always draws until 6 cards!

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Figuring out the carousel in ex seems fun!