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I made a thing: deck reference website

Hi folks,

I made a website to help view all of the cards in a deck in a compact view.

Let me know what you think:


I’d use it, less of a faff than navigating around Codex Card DB one card at a time. The URL is a little unnerving.

Yeah, the url is temporary while I’m figuring things out.

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I like it, but I would prefer a page for mobile use where the text of the cards is directly visible as well so that I can scroll and zoom through it and see multiple cards at once. Great idea!


@OffKilter cool! have you considered contributing directly to codex card db? I pr’d it to add the map cards, Ryan was helpful navigating the code and getting it merged and deployed. Having this supplement or replace the deck screen there would be a great home for it

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This current version is certainly optimized for mouse-over magic. If you want to send me some sketches of what you’re thinking I might be able to put something together.

Certainly! I’m currently imagining that it would be more of a supplement than a replacement, because of @zango’s valid criticism over the mobile viewing experience.

I always put up the deck of my opponent on card db so that I can browse through his options as tech choices. Unfortunately card db creates more whitespace than card imagery when building a deck. Also your way to select the three heros is just sooo much better.
What I had in mind above was just all the cards in the current deck (including the text) next to each other in a big image.
My use case would then be to zoom out, scroll left/right/up/down and zoom in here and there. With that I would be way faster to remember what all the cards and specific answers in certain situations at the disposal of my opponent are.
Was that explained in a way that can be understood?

Oh, kind of like a card atlas, where you’re expected to navigate by pinch-and-zoom ?!?

Like you have all of the cards laid out in an organized fashion on the biggest table in your place.

Sounds easy enough!

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Here Zango:

Select Factions: Zango edition

Is this the kind of thing you were thinking of?

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That’s exactly what I was hoping for, awesome!
Unfortunately I have an issue with my mobile phone only loading the images that are displayed in the left part of the site, which would be in the directly viewable part of the site. If I then scroll right, all images there are not loaded. Refreshing the site leads back to the point where I can select the factions. You don’t happen to have an idea what the reason for that might be?
(Tested it with chrome and opera on my mobile phone and both had the same issue)

Hmm, probably facing the limitations of the device there. Not sure how to fix that without making the cards less legible.

Well then obviously don’t change anything on your part, I have to check it out whether I find some settings somewhere about the loading of images. But nevertheless thank you very very much already!

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