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How did you organize your codex binders?

Question in the title. I ended up leaving the first half page with just the heroes and using the the second and third full pages for the actual cards. My order was spells and tech 1 on page 2 and then tech 2 and 3 on page 3. Did you put tokens or the starter decks in your codex’s?

I wish Sirlin would sell generic Codex binder’s as the quality is just too good and would be useful for mix and match spec builds.


I second the desire for generic binders or indidividual purchaseable binders, or a neutral art binder, or really anything in the codex style.


I do…

1st page: starter deck, worker card, 3 heroes
2nd and 3rd page: spells, ultimate spells, tech 1
4th and 5th page: tech 2, tech 3
6th page: tokens


I agree that these binders really are remarkably good.

I arranged them the way the rulebook suggests. For starter decks, heroes, and tokens, I used the handy colored card dividers that came with the set (great idea to include these!) and put them all in that card-sized slot in the box. All of those cards + one empty card sleeves box is like exactly a perfect fit, as it happens!

I do exactly what Juicer does, and I’d pile on eventally wanting the codex binders to be sold as they would be way better than anything I’ve been able to find for print and play binders

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Do you find that the tokens, starter cards and such add to much width to the binder? I am currently doing what inkstud does and keeping the tokens and starter cards in the card sized slot.

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Depends on what you consider “too wide”. Having been forewarned that the binders would not fit in the box if all cards were sleeved, I was already in the mindset that I was going to be keeping a couple of the binders with my print and play binders, in a tote bag I have, so I have the lid shut with 4/6 binders in the box, and I used the “card space” in the inset to store some dice for extra tokens, as well as my spare sleeves.

Here’s how I’m currently organizing Sotek’s binders (since he went on vacation and left a box at the office):

Front page - worker card, heroes, starter deck.
Second page - spells in a row by spec
Third page - ultimate spell, then tech 1 options
Fourth and fifth pages - tech 2 and 3 by spec
Back page - tokens for that color

I’m open to suggestion for rearranging the binders for maximum troll, though.


For me, I like that I can just pick up a binder and have everything I’d ever need in it. I also don’t have the deluxe box - I went with print and play - so I just put all the binders in a gym bag, and then add tokens, dice, and patrol zones to the bag.

If I was playing in an event and just bringing one Codex for my own use, I would fill one binder with everything I’d need, and then have dice and tokens and patrol zone in a separate tote or something.

great idea, i’ll steal it :3

Same, and here is how everything goes in my Deluxe box.

Here are some example pics of Juicer’s method (It’s definitely my favorite):


Much as I would love to, I don’t claim to have invented the method. It’s pretty much the standard I saw when I tried Codex out at the Fantasy Strike Expo in 2015. :slight_smile:


I love that you do the same thing as me, which is also sub-sort spells, tech 1 and tech 2 by cost! I pretty much follow that as well, except for those colours that have, say, 1 building in each spec, in which case I put them to one side.

Such organization
Much everything in its place


Those FSX boys sure know what they’re doing then. :wink:

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To be fair, the organization of the middle pages is taken straight from the rulebook. :wink:


I own just the Core and the Starter.
(I didn’t want to fork over all the money for Deluxe since I didn’t know yet whether I’d love the game. I love everything about Puzzle Strike on paper, but when I played it I just found it stressful in a way that never made me want to play a 2nd game in one sitting, whereas I can play five games of Dominion in a row. Turns out I do like Codex at least as much as Magic, which I don’t buy, so eventually I’ll have to get the other factions.)

I use the right side of the first page for three mono-color heroes (Mid, Cal, Arg, in a vertical column). Then pages 2, 3, 4, 5 match the layout described int he core Rulebook (spells for the spec, tech 1, tech 2, tech 3, moving right in the rows that match each character). This leaves some extra space in the front, and a full page in the back.

The extra space in the front is dedicated to a Neutral character (say River) and all their spells. The extra page in the back is dedicated to all the tech units of that neutral character. This way, I can hand over binders for new players and say, “Ignore all the green cards, just use the grey from the front and back pages.” For a more experienced player, I can say, “Ignore the grey, just use the green.”

I rubber-band a small pile of starter deck, worker card, matching spec cards, and add-ons together, and that sits in one of the card-pile areas of the core box. That way I can just hand players all the set-up cards that go with their color.
I know that the hero cards are set-up cards, so they could go in this set-up pile, but I prefer having them in the binder to begin with so that it’s obvious which heroes come with which magic and tech cards.

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Welp, Sirlin better start selling binder’s in the play store as I have found nothing that compares to them quality wise.

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I’ve got the deluxe set. Here’s how I organized it:

In each binder, the first page and the last page is empty. The middle pages are organized the way the rulebook suggests. Except: In the green binder, on the first page, I put Bashing’s spells and Tech I cards, and on the last page I put Bashing’s Tech II and III cards. I did the same thing for Finesse in the red binder, except that I also put the dancers in the first page.

I left out all of the tokens, starting decks, and heroes and I put them in the box using the colored dividers. I might switch to using a card box later.

I recently sleeved up my print and play of White and Purple and i find “Ultra.Pro” Pro-Binders to be quite good.

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