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Help using the new forums

It looks like we need a place to ask questions / share tips about the interface for the new forums.

Please keep this related to technical tips and tricks, and questions about how the site does work.

Avoid suggestions about how the software/forum could be changed (you can use “reply as new thread” to open discussions of that nature).

Note added Sept 1: To “reply as linked topic” select the share/link button at the bottom of a post, and select the option “+ New Topic”


First question:

This badge is granted the first time you edit one of your posts.While you won’t be able to edit your posts forever, editing is always a good idea — you can improve your posts, fix small mistakes, or add anything you missed when you originally posted. Edit to make your posts even better!

Does anyone know the time limit on editing posts? This is highly significant for hosting/running tournaments, where in the past I’ve updated the same post many times over the course of several weeks with pairings/standings.


Just a tip here - if you want to put pictures in your posts, just dragging the image to the window will make it show in its actual size, which sometimes is a little too big:

You can change the size by using an <img> tag, like so:
<img src='/uploads/db1624/original/1X/1416f357ef5d20eee89fa0ba1ed38b3fd1f5b824.jpg' width="248" height="337" />

The height and width are in pixels, and you can change them however you want.


Hello, can I turn off avatars? Its making me crazy having to look at them

This is great thanks! Will definitely update my guide later.

Here’s another useful tip for guide writers. Create an invisible anchor point in any line by writing:
<a name="something123"></a>

Then, you can create a link to that anchor on the same page (so it will definitely work in the same post), like so:
<a href="#something123">Text</a>

Use this to create a table of contents/navigation, or just to reference other sections of your post (wikipedia-style source indications?). No need to split guides into multiple posts to make them easier to navigate!

The horizontal dividers are also helpful in that regard. ^ v

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There is no way to turn off avatars.

You might want to use a user script in your browser. Like Greasemonkey. Also it might not work perfectly. Here is quick hack:

// ==UserScript==
// @name        Remove avatars
// @namespace
// @description Remove avatars
// @include*
// @version     1
// @grant       none
// ==/UserScript==
function removeAvatar() {
  var avatars = document.getElementsByClassName('avatar');
  var i = 0;
  var length = avatars.length;
  var parent;
  for (i = 0; i < length; i++) {
    parent = avatars[0].parentNode.removeChild(avatars[0]);

setInterval(removeAvatar, 3000);

It’s very hack, but I see no other way to make it:

  • Work with discourse JavaScript loading
  • Work when you scroll a bit down and JS loads more content.
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When using the [details] tag to hide content (on the little gear, which brings up the Options tab), be sure there is a blank line before the section (when viewed in your editor).

For example, a details link on the same line:[details=Summary]This text will NOT be hidden[/details]

A details link on the next line:


This text will be NOT be hidden

A details link, with a blank line above it:


This text WILL be hidden

It also works to chain these together without a space in between

This text will be hidden

Note that all of these examples show up as hidden in the “preview” pane.


Can we have a follow/friendship system so we can see when our closest friends are online and maybe play together? @Leontes :grin:

How do we actually send PMs here? I’ve been entirely unable to find a button for messaging outside replies to threads.

You need to reach a certain level of trust before sending PMs is unlocked. After that, you can just click on a user and there’s a “message” button there.

This is interesting - it looks like if I run PBF tournaments, it will really skew the Level 3 / Level 2 numbers.
Maybe there is some way to exclude certain sub-forums from trust calculations (ie Codex PBP and any potential Forum Games)

Does anyone know how I can make the font size for the entire forum much smaller? I have a hard time reading everything at the current size.

Actually, I find this font size barely tollerable.

But seriously: ** WHY ** does everyone want to control my text size?

I already tell my browser what font and size I want to read. I know my eyes. I know my monitor.

What do I see in the CSS (firefox -> inspect element)

These paragraphs are at 16 pixels, and 1.4 em spacing.
That is overriding another declaration of 14 pixels and a 19 pixel spacing.

** You do not know the size of my pixels.
** I can use a point-size, not a pixel-size, to set font size/spacing.

(And yes, they do come out different).

And why, why, why does everyone want “Helvetica, Arial, Sans-Serif”? I don’t like H or A – yes, they have the same spacing, and similar style, and in theory, Helvetica was designed to be easy on the eye on a monitor – but in reality, Tahoma or Microsoft Sans Serif are much easier for me to read. (NB: I am not a microsoft fan boy. I am an apple fan boy. But these two fonts are done well.)

(Time to start adding in another set of Stylish exceptions/overrides)

I cannot find “Reply as new thread”; where is it located?

To use “reply as new thread” you only have to be a level 1 user, which usually takes about 15 minutes.

Keep in mind that we did not write the forum software, so if you have feature requests it’s most effective to communicate those to the Discourse staff here.

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If you’re like me, you hate scrolling all the way up to the top of the page to get back to the ‘categories’ page, or to a specific category/sub-forum. Instead of doing that, click on the three vertical lines next to your forum avatar in the top right corner, and you can quickly navigate where you want to go.


I’m still able to edit a post I made five days ago, so I presume you can edit your posts for a very long time.

Finally found it - at the bottom of the thread, or any post, click the “share” button (it looks like a sideways 8 or 3 links of a chain). One of the options is “+New Topic” which the tooltip says will Reply As Linked Topic.


Another tip: you can click on the Catagory breadcrumbs:

to change what posts you see. Select “none” on the Codex set to hide all the Codex PBP sub-forum games.

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Uh, I think we need more new Category
"All about Fantasy Strike World"

Fan Art, New costume idea, world setting, etc.
Not lounge.