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FSX 17 Codex Livestream?

Just wondering if I should keep my eye out for an FSX Codex livestream or youtube vids next week, I greatly enjoyed watching video last year!

To all the PbF regulars who will be attending, GL HF! I want to see a familiar name hoisting the trophy :slight_smile:

@Leontes said during the Yomi stream that he’ll try to let everyone know once he’s got a stream plan for Codex. He promised that we’d get something, but he said it’s unlikely he’ll do the whole tournament because that nearly killed him last year…

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Thanks for the info. If they can even just film the entire tourny without streaming it - and then uploading so someone else (perhaps the players?) can comment later, that would be great. I really like the way Mythic Juicer added comments to games he’s already played and maybe if the footage is up, some people would be interested in doing it.

Looking forward to see a stream or anything from this FSX.

I will be recording my Codex matches today, barring some calamity that prevents it, so expect a lot of eventual videos!


Got 3 matches recored so far, 2 more to go, I think. Learning a lot about how much I have to learn.


Sorry for short notice, but I will be starting Codex grand finals stream very soon.

FSX is very busy! More people come so I can offload duties plz lmao

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@mysticjuicer - let us know when your matches are up!


check out the fantasy strike vods on

i do some co-commentating and play some games on stream


I watched the Codex final. It was a fantastic and interesting match. I don’t really know the other games, so it’s not as interesting to watch them.

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dude check out the FSFG tourney. Even if you don’t know much about it, it’s still megahype (some of the best Street Fighter players are competing!)


Where did you watch it? I can’t find video but I’d love to see how the games went!


You can watch it on the Twitch channel if you go to previous casts and look for one that’s titled ‘Yomi Finals’ - that’s the Codex game. A pretty interesting and unusual gameplay.


And thus the misleading title is why I missed it when looking, thanks you two!

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yeah, I was confused at first as well.

Justin wong in the house

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Justin Wong playing FSFG? :smiley: hyperinos!

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@Bomber678’s chat commentary during the FS matches is the best.



Give her a hug!


Bomber is great :blush: