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FSX 17 Codex Livestream?

I have no idea if you could see stream chat Juicer, but I was rooting for you the whole time.
I was so hype when you beat JWong.


Thanks man! No, I couldn’t even see chat while commentating, except when Zem passed me his phone. Going to re-watch the stream sometime today.


Hah! Yeah, occasionally Leontes would respond to something said in chat, so it was really unclear if y’all were just ignoring the chat most of the time or what. (And why would you ever ignore it? It’s not like there was something more interesting going on on another screen that you were trying to evaluate and comment on in real time, right? :wink: )

Yeah, that match against JWong was awesome. Watching some of those matches (not live, but on replay) was the first time I’ve really gotten to see it in action. Very groovy!


I am curious. What are justin wong’s comments on fsfg. Did he like it?

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Overall positive, but he thinks Rook’s CMB should have fewer active frames. :blush:

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Just went to watch the Codex Finals VOD and it’s already off of Twitch. Everything before and after it is still there though.

Are you putting these up on your channel?

Yup! Just have not added commentary yet. Hoping to start putting videos up by Friday. Will be one or two a week.


That’s great. Very nice of you to do that for the community - I really enjoyed your commentary on previous videos.

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aaaaaah I forgot I gave my parents my printer, and also coincidentally the special USB cable that fits my microphone and haven’t gone to the store to buy another oneeeee! okay, doing that tomorrow or Thursday so I can record commentary

ugh, sorry all!


You are our only hope in this drought

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ClanNatioy vs mysticjuicer

Ms.Stress vs mysticjuicer

The matches are much shorter - a 50 minute clock will do that to you - so I was able to add commentary to all 4 matches yesterday. I’ll release the other two matches of the tournament next week. :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy!


Really digging the first play-by-play so far. It seems like you really should have teched Judgment Day with the early max Bigby; you skipped it because of the empty board, but by the time you drew it, it would have been tasty combo’d with all your hasted units.

I think you’re right in the game against Ms. Stress: since she’s playing a second Stewardess against no units on your side, and since her mox is out of commission, bouncing it is probably worth it. The thin deck is great, but a thick hand is also great. Generally the probabilities are slightly higher for drawing what you want to if you draw more cards with a chance of one of them being meh.

After watching through both, I’m very impressed; great mix of play-by-play, strategy and tactic overview, and card highlights, with mentions of mistakes on both sides for learning purposes.

These games in particular were great because the shortened time frame in the FSX tournament (while super stressful) makes for a much easier-to-digest video. It might be worth trying to stick to chess clocks for future matches you’re planning on recording, if the opponent is amenable.

You mentioned that the Yomi finals was Ms. Stress vs. Thelo. Do you happen to remember what characters they were rolling?

@Shax You said you only had a few weeks to get Ms. Stress trained on Codex; props to both of you: I was making way more mistakes after more time playing, and if she made any illegal plays in that game I didn’t notice them. It took me forever to stop making illegal plays.
I know Thelo’s been playing Yomi forever, and programmed the online version; has Ms. Stress also been playing for years? I don’t have Steam and have been out of the scene, so I’m curious what the meta’s like and who the major players are.


She hasn’t been playing for years, but i did first introduce her to yomi 1-2 years ago. It never really stuck but she was somewhat familiar with the game before I really started training her. When things got serious she really took to yomi better then she did to codex and whatnot. I think she combines my wild play style with slightly more serious and contemplative restraint that allows her to deal with the more methodical @Thelo, which historically shreds me in matches. The fact that I forced her to play a solid character (troq) and @mysticjuicer’s willingness to play a ton of practice matches with her contributed a lot to her understanding of the game.

The meta is in a weird state where Geiger and Zane are far less emphasized then normal and I have no idea what to expect.


The only illegal play I saw was that after turn 2, she only reshuffled her discard pile into her deck, not her hand from that turn (hence how she got both stewardess, and had a discard pile on T3), and agree I made far more mistakes then that (and still do!)


If I’m remembering correctly the games went…

Ms.Stress 2 - 3 Thelo

:troq: :pschip: :psfist: :troq:
:troq: :psfist: :pschip: :troq:
:troq: :pschip: :psfist: :bbb:
:setsuki: :psfist: :pschip: :bbb:
:setsuki: :pschip: :psfist: :troq:


Shax vs mysticjuicer

sharpobject vs mysticjuicer


That concludes the official tournament matches that I recorded at FSX. I have one or two(?) casual games recorded, which I will probably commentate at a later point.