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[FFA] Recruiting for Free-for-All games

Post here if you’re interested in getting involved in FFA games, and any preferences you may have about starting conditions (e.g., unrestricted deck building, assigning each player a different random starter deck to build from, etc.).

Happy to be playing FFA at all, really.

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This sounds too exciting that I thought about breaking my own rule but I think I should focus my efforts on the ongoing tourney. I will certainly join as a spectator :slight_smile:

It’s my hope that this thread will lead to the creation of multiple FFA games, so post again when you’re finished with the tournament. :slight_smile:

I have never played FFA so I would be interested in giving it a shot.

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Its a very different dynamic from 1v1. It is very easy to miss how one of the other players is about to win, and if you are prone to analysis paralysis… yea, this one will make you work really hard. Some players instinct is to take advantage of the weakest player, without realizing that in this mode, that kind of play will advantage the player with the highest base health.


Just read the FFA rule and this sounds way too exciting to sit out and watch. Screw the tourney (JK) :wink: I’m in. I think we have 5 now. Let’s goooo.

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We’ve got room for one player over here at the moment.

I’ll be interested when the next FFA starts :slight_smile: always a lot of fun these!