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FFA: Multicolor Madness

Ahoi all,

Just discovered there’s a ffa mode, and wanting to give it a try. Also noticed none of the pbf ffa games had multicolor specs, let’s shake things up.

Who want’s to see how crazy Codex can get?

Current Sign Ups (5 /5):


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I’m moving in two weeks so the next month is kind of crazy, but I’m interested in seeing where it goes!

(If I’m not being clear, I’m not signing up to play I don’t think I can commit to being timely. I am excited to watch though!)

Sign me up! Also the Drafted FFA had multicolor specs.

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Yes we did have one FFA multicolor.

Am I to understand that we can pick whatever we want regardless of others choices?

If so I suggest we post our spec choices in a spoiler here and reveal once we have a set of 5 players.

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at first I didnt think FFA would be that interesting, but after reading the rules in the rule book it does put a nice, unique spin on FFA.

sign me up.

Once 5 people have signed up, they can decide on how they want to pick specs.

Also, is your post a sign up? =b

I think some sort of spec snake draft would be entertaining as well.

@Bob199 @zhavier does that make 5 :smiley:

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Oh, hell. I’m in the middle of 2 casuals, but I’ll bite, since Frozen’s not. It won’t be the same without @Kaelii, but hopefully this time I won’t give away the win out of spite for other players’ earlier actions. (;

It sounded like @zhavier was in to me.

EDIT: To clarify: it sounded, to me, like @zhavier was in.
I did not get the impression that @zhavier was into me, but I’m married regardless. (;


Sorry yes I meant it as a sign up. :slight_smile:

Also I think that makes @ARMed_PIrate number 6 unless frozen was just spectating

How about for picking specs, we do an auction draft? Each player starts with 20 points to spend for the specs that they want . Whomever bids the most on a spec gets it. If you run out of points, you wait until the end to pick from what remains . In the event of a tie, a duel of 9 rounds of bare knuckle boxing


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So, the last time we did this, we did do a sort of snake draft, and it worked out well (I think) for balance. It was entertaining. But I’d be interested to try a totally blind spoiler pick of spec choices, as @zhavier suggested, because we haven’t tried that before. And balance is a lot less important in FFA, since the crowd will sort-of auto balance by ganging up on whoever seems to be the biggest threat (highest HP when someone is at low HP or simply highest HP and enough board to take someone out).

Auction draft would require setting a time and getting a chat room type thing set up, id be down. Snake or just chaos also works… vote?

All three are good to me.

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I’d like pure chaos. It’s something I can’t really do in person.

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Pure chaos = random specs???


Let’s put it to vote, highest votes wins, tie gets revote. Poll closes in 24 hours, or after everybody votes

  • Snake Draft (some sort of order is made, and we draft)
  • Auction Draft (players are given points to bid on specs)
  • Byos (bring your own specs, nobody knows beforehand what other will bring)
  • Chaos (players are given random decks)

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Are we going with 5 or 6?

Frozen’s not playing, but Zhavier is.

And with that, Byos is our format! has determined turn order as:

There were 5 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

Timestamp: 2017-04-16 01:01:27 UTC

@Shadow_Night_Black go ahead and take your first turn to get this started!

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My understanding of the Free for All rules is that the maximum number they provide for is five. I can’t imagine it would be too hard to make it work for six, but the default is five players or fewer.