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Fan Spec: BBB Progress Hero (repost)

Bal-Bas-Beta is best character in Fantasy Strike so I made a Codex spec for it (this is a repost from the old site).

BBB cost x (Blue Progress hero)

BBB does not follow the normal rules for leveling up. BBB’s current band matches your highest level of tech building. x = highest number of tech building (minimum of 1).
Tech I - Long Range 1/2
Tech II - Arrives: retrieve a card from discard 2/3
Tech III - Attacks: repair one damage from a building 3/4

Progress Spells:

Clockwork Defenders (cost 2)

Summon two Blue 1/2 clockwork soldier tokens.
Boost 3: give each summoned clockwork soldier a +1/+1 token​

Armor Up (cost 1)

Give a unit or hero +2 armor until your next upkeep phase. Draw a card

Recycle (cost 0)

Channeling: On opponents turns whenever one of your units or buildings are destroyed place a counter on this card. On your next upkeep phase gain gold equal to 1/2 the number of counters on this card (round up), then discard this card

Progress Ultimate Spell:

Carpet Bombing (cost 6)

For every building you control deal 2 damage and disable an opposing hero or tech 0, I, or II unit

Progress Tech I:

Happy Workers (cost 1) 1/2 citizen militia

Double the benefit of all patrol zone bonuses
If a manager is in play they get +2 attack
the reason they work so hard is because they enjoy it

Machine Shop (cost 3) 4 Life building

Arrives: Summon a 1/2 clockwork soldier token
Exhaust: Summon a 1/2 clockwork soldier token or give two different clockwork units a +1/+1

Progress Tech II:

Uptight Foreman (cost 3) 1/4 manager

Arrives: Ready target building or Upgrade
Dies: draw a card
even death can’t stop him from getting the job done

Battle Mechanic (cost 2) 2/4 Clockwork soldier
Arrives: You may return your Progress hero to the command zone
Attacks: Remove two damage from Progress Hero, Clockwork unit, or Building

Components Upgrade (cost 2)

All your clockwork units have +1/+1 while this is in play. If you control two copies of Components Upgrade the bonus increases to +3/+3 (this is for both cards combined not each card individually)

Eduardo, Hero of the People (cost 3, Unique) 4/4 citizen soldier

Attacks: Eduardo gains a +1/+1 token
What he is known for no one is quite sure but the people love him all the same

Mobile Fortress (cost 4) life 6 building

Mobile Fortress can Patrol, it can’t deal damage
Exhaust: Retrieve a Soldier or Militia tech I unit from your Codex or discard and put it into play
Exhaust: Deal 3 damage to target patroller

Progress Tech III

Ultimate Battle Suit (10) Upgrade

All your clockwork and citizen units get +10/+10 and Anti-Air​


I like it, although I would reduce the tech requirements on BBB, and word it as follows:
Cost: 2, base stats 1/2
BBB cannot level up. Long Range.
BBB gets +1/+1 for each of your operational tech buildings
Arrives: if your Tech 1 building is operational, search your discard pile for a card and put it in your hand.

Then, on the ultimate spell, specify that BBB must have srarted the turn under your control, and you must have an operational Tech 2 building.


Thanks for the feedback. I like this. makes it cleaner. But, getting a card from discard when only having a Tech I building seems quite strong.

Yeah, but BBB can’t level up with gold, or collect bounties from killing opposing heroes. He also can’t heal from reaching level bands, which is a big downside IMO. In fact, I might add something like ‘At the End of your Turn, if BBB is not exhausted, remove 1 damage from him.’ Sort of like a repair mode.


I would like to see a spell that was

Force field - 2-4 gold cost?

  • units (and heroes?) without long range or flying cannot attack until the beginning of next turn.

Kind of like Moments Peace.

I like the fact that BBB has long range, but I feel it needs this as well.

I think BBB should have a spell that gives buildings haste, usable on tech and add-ons. It seems like maybe 1 or 2 cost.