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[Fan Characters] Imported Codex Characters

Since several people have expressed interest in messing around with a hypothetical v3 that includes more characters from the Fantasy Strike universe, I decided to start working on turning characters seen in Codex into Yomi decks. I have not tested these characters yet so I have no idea how they would hold up balance-wise. I will add characters from the list as I fully flesh out my ideas. If anyone wants to help me test these, that would be great.

Drakk Ramhorn v1.0

75 health, 4 combo points
Endless Bloodlust: At the end of the turn, if either you or the opponent took damage in combat, draw a card; otherwise, discard a card.
Beat of the Drum: When you play a Warcry, draw a card.
Normal attacks: x.6 speed, x damage
Normal throws: x.4 speed, 6 damage, 2cp Starter

Card Distribution:
2 - A/D
3 - A/B
4 - T/D (Throw: 10.3 speed, 6 damage, 2cp Linker)
5* - A/B
6 - A/T
7* - T/B
8 - T/D
9* - A/B
T - T/D
J - 3.4 speed, 6(2) damage Attack, 1cp Linker, KD
Q - 1.4 speed, 5 damage Attack, 1cp Ender, KD
K - 6.0 speed, 11(4) damage Attack, Can’t combo, KD
A - 0.0 speed, 0 damage Attack, Can’t combo
A - 1.8 speed, requires AA, 19(2) damage, 3cp Ender

5* (Warcry of Savagery): [Draw Phase] Ongoing. When you knock the opponent down, draw a card. While your opponent is knocked down, your attacks and throws deal +1 damage. Discard this when you are thrown or you play another Warcry.
7* (Warcry of Desperation): [Draw Phase] Ongoing. If you took damage last turn, your attacks and throws are 1.0 speed faster, to a minimum of 0.0, but your attacks and throws deal -2 damage. Discard this card when you are thrown or you play another Warcry.
9* (Warcry of Madness): [Draw Phase] - Ongoing. If you took damage last turn, your normal attacks and throws are 2.0 speed slower, but your combat-revealed normal attacks deal double damage, and your normal throws are Linkers that cost 2 combo points. Discard this card when you are thrown or you play another Warcry.

Orpal Gloor v1.0

80 health, 3 combo points
Spreading Pestilence: If you win combat with an attack or throw, add a Disease Counter to this card. If your opponent wins combat with an attack or throw, remove one Disease Counter from this card. For each Disease Counter attached, your opponent’s attacks and throws do one damage less. (This does not include pumps.) At the end of each turn, deal one damage to the opponent for every two Disease Counters attached.
Normal attacks: x.6 speed, x damage
Normal throws: x.8 speed, 5 damage, 2cp Starter

2 - A/D
3 - A/D
4 - A/D
5 - A/B
6 - A/B
7* - T/B
8 - T/B
9 - T/B
T - T/B
J - 3.0 speed, 6 damage Attack, 1cp Ender
Q - 2.2 speed, 8 damage Attack, 2cp Ender
K* - 8.0 speed, 1 damage Attack, Can’t combo
K* - 11.0 speed, 1 damage Throw, Can’t combo
A - 0.4 speed, requires AA, 17 damage Attack, 2cp Ender
A* - Dodge

7*: [Reaction] Remove two Disease Counters to counter an ability. (Prevent and undo the ability. You can’t counter Aces, Jokers, or character cards.)
K*: [During Combat] If you win combat with either side of this card, return it to your hand, add an additional Disease Counter to your character card, then the opponent chooses one card from their hand and discards it.
A*: [During Combat] You can play this dodge while knocked-down. If you dodge an attack or Joker with this card, do not hit the opponent back and add a Disease Counter to your character card.

Bigby Hayes v1.0

90 health, 4 combo points
Objection Overruled: When you successfully dodge with a face card, before your opponent plays a combo escape card, you may choose to not follow up. If you do this, discard any attached card and attach the opponent’s combat card to your character card. While this card is attached, your opponent may not play cards of that rank as their combat card.
Normal attacks: x.8 speed, x damage
Normal throws: x.8 speed, 8 damage, 2cp Starter, KD

Card Distribution:
2* - A/D
3 - A/D
4 - B/D
5 - A/B
6 - A/B
7 - A/T
8* - T/B
9 - T/B
T - T/B
J - 2.8 speed, 9+7(2) damage Attack, +1 Face, 2cp Ender
J - Dodge
Q - 0.2 speed, 10(2) damage Attack, 2cp Ender
K - 9.2 speed, 9+4 damage Throw, +1 Any, 2cp Starter
K - Dodge
A* - 1.4 speed, requires AA, 16+14(4) damage Attack, +1 Ace, 3cp Ender

2* (Injunction): [Draw Phase] Name a rank between Three and King. Search your deck for a card of that rank and add it to your hand, then shuffle your deck. This turn, your opponent cannot play that rank of card. You may only play one Injunction per turn.
8*: Choose attack, throw, block, or dodge. If the opponent reveals that option in combat, they must discard one additional card of the same suit as his combat card, or discard their combat card.
A* (Judgment Day): [Combat Phase] After combat cards are played but before they are revealed, you may discard your combat card and take an Ace from your opponent’s discard pile and play it as your combat card. (You must discard the correct number of required Aces from your hand.) At the end of combat, put the Ace at the bottom of your opponent’s deck.


This is pretty cool! I especially like your take on Orpal, it really captures the feeling of crippling the opponent with -1/-1 runes (or Disease Counters as you’re calling them here). I think it might be better if the counters were put on the opponent instead, though, since it would feel weird and not disease-like if Orpal hitting one opponent in a 2v2 game let him take less damage from both opponents.

I do feel like the previous topic on this subject should be linked, though I think it’s good to have a new topic because of how long the previous one’s been inactive (many posts were broken by the Discourse updates changing formatting rules). There’s some different takes on the characters you have and some characters you don’t have yet, though not all of them are entirely serious…

Side-eyes Ardra’s Boulder


Not sure I’d want more characters added in the future, however these are really cool. Bigby and Orpal are two of my favorite Codex characters and both look like a blast to play. Bigby with that beastly reversal. Does his ace only have one side?

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