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[Fan Character] Lum, Gambling Panda

I felt like coming up with a fan spec, with Lum at the head.

Lum – Neutral Luck Hero
Level 1-3: 2/3; Resist 1
Level 4-6: 2/4; :exhaust: :arrow_right: Gain 1 gold.
Level 7: 3/5; Max Level: Draw a card.

Roll the Dice (2 cost) :target:
Reveal the top card of your deck, then discard it. Give a unit or hero +X ATK/+X armor this turn, where X is that card’s cost (limit 6) (reveal and discard before choosing a target)

Mulligan (1 cost)
Discard your hand, then draw that many cards.

Crapshoot (3 cost)
Choose two units. If you do, choose one of them at random and destroy it. If it was a tech 2 or 3 unit, its controller gains 1 gold.

Jackpot (6 cost)
Reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. You may play any number of them for free. For each card you don’t play, gain 1 gold, then discard it.
(You still must meet any other requirements to play the cards.)

Tech 1:
Generous Patron (2 cost)
Arrives: each player draws a card

Unfortunate Sucker (2 cost)
Arrives: an opponent discards a card at random. Trash a card from your hand.

Tech 2:
Card Shark (3 cost)
Whenever you draw a card, Card Shark gets +1 ATK/+1 armor this turn.

Cheating Scoundrel (3 cost)
Arrives: Steal 1 from an opponent, then look at their hand.

Dice Golem (6 cost) :target:
Attacks: Reveal the top card of your deck, then discard it. Deal X damage to a unit, where X is that card’s cost (limit 6) (reveal and discard before choosing a target)

Stacked Deck (2 cost Upgrade)
Upkeep: You may put a card from your discard pile on top of your deck.

Casino (4 cost Building)
1 gold :arrow_right: Draw a card.
5 :heart:

Tech 3:
Golden Panda (7 cost)
Obliterate 2
Whenever an enemy unit or hero dies, gain 2 gold.
7 gold :arrow_right: Play the top card of your deck for free. You don’t need to meet any requirements for it.


You are not alone in your desires!

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Crapshoot seems like an effect where the downside isn’t going to come in very often, and also it should probably target, and not target tech 3 units.

Perhaps changing it to “Choose two units. If you do, choose one at random and destroy it…” etc

Mulligan is also the most powerful draw effect I have seen in codex. It is nearly comparable to Research & Development.

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I hadn’t seen that other poster’s Lum spec until now; thanks for linking it. It looks like he went further in the gambling/high variance direction, while I went further in the card and deck manipulation route.

Re: Crapshoot: I think that the only case when your wording is different is when there is only a single unit (under either player’s control) on the entire battlefield? Regardless, I’ll change to your wording.
EDIT: The issue with making Crapshoot target is the question of what happens when you choose 1 Illusion and 1 other unit. Maybe that’s not super important, though?

Re: Mulligan: Mulligan lets you cycle quickly and see a lot of new cards, but the difference between it and other card drawing effects is that it’s always card disadvantage. For example, if you start with 5 cards in hand and cast Mulligan, then you end up with 4 cards afterwards. If anything, I’d compare it to something like Martial Mastery, where you’re paying an additional card in handsize to dig deeper into your deck.

I guess I am valuing Mulligan higher because its unbounded effect can be so large. Flavorwise its great, you pay 1 card for the chance at something better. That said, you should often know at least some of what you will draw. On a turn where you managed to get to 6 cards in hand though, it seems better than the other draw spells like dark pact, desperation, and martial mastery.

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