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EU Shipment of Codex

Hello all

I have posted on the page of the kickstarter about the fulfillment on the game in the EU. Shipnaked is not responding to my emails ( and a few other backers) so if anyone has any news to share please do so

Also if David Sirlin can give us an update regarding the matter it will be greatly appreciated


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I live in UK, and not heard anything yet either

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I live in Finland, haven’t heard anything since the preliminary message at the end of August, but yesterday got a notification for two unspecified packages which I assume must be two Codex deluxe sets because I have no clue what else they could be. Haven’t picked them up yet though because next week I’ll have better means of carrying those from the post office so can’t confirm for sure.

Also it’s only a week since the Kickstarter update that said EU shipping would begin in the next two days then, so I hadn’t even expected to receive anything yet.

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Nothing in spain…polari, i think at the very least we should hace received a notification of shippment

No news for Portugal shipping too. :frowning:

No news for France shipping too !

no news today for italy too. asdasdasashgas

Despite Australian shipments supposedly coming through here, no news in Germany either.

Zejety, plz, since u have stole them all (u confessed earlier) plz send me a copy.
I will tell no one wink wink

The latest information I have is still this update, which is from 5 business days ago.


This has yet to happen. :frowning:

Quick note: Monday was a holiday in some German states. If things are being handled from here, that’s one less business day for them.


Hmm this raise a lot of questions regarding the EU fulfillment. Is it possible for you to reach them and get us something new? It is extremely frustrating to be left “ignored” for over a week

Thanks in advance


Looks like people are receiving e-mails today:

[quote]Your order with number XXXXXXX was just packed in our warehouse and will be shipped as soon as possible.

These items are in the shipment:
1 x Codex - Deluxe Set (engl.) (1018810)[/quote]

Update: my excitement turned out to be premature as the package was actually the other thing I had ordered recently but had a tracking code for and “knew” hadn’t arrived yet. Apparently DHL considers arrived but not picked up as “in transit”.

The More You Know

Grrr, i still have got nothing. Curse SN :rage:

@Zejety, looks like EU gets their numbers today? Do you know about any other EU who has gotten it? :stuck_out_tongue:

I got my tracking number today, as well. More hype to be found in the Codex is shipping THREE MONTHS EARLY-Thread

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Still seems like a lot of us have got nothing after yesterday.

However, David said on Kickstarter that Happyshops has sent everything out.

Where did David say that?