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Does the Second target of overpower do damage to the overpowering unit?

Lets say I kill a 1/1 with a Centaur and the Centaur 1 damage then I choose a second target that target is 2/2…
Does the second target return combat damage?

So does the centaur take 1 or 3 damage in this case?

The rules state that overpower is an ability and combat damage:

“Overpower damage still counts as combat damage (it can kill Gilded Glaxx for example) and it counts as an ability (so something that has overpower cannot get +2/+2 from Midori’s middle ability). — Sirlin”

Abilities do not cause units to damage the building or unit damaging them but combat damage allows the defender to deal damage back.

So what happens here does does the second defender get to deal combat damage?


Combat damage does not allow the defender to damage back. Attacking a a defender allows the defender to attack back (if the defender is able to). Fliers deal combat damage to ground units that can’t hit back, Swift Strike is the same, Sparkshot is the same.

no mate. OP is a special power, the only one that can deal its dmg back is the defender unit (the one targeted by the attacker). When the damage cascades there is no counter hit.

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