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Digital version of Codex

During Early Access, apparently everyone gets access to everything. Once the actual release comes, there’ll be a free tier but everyone who bought an early access copy will get a free month of… gold? Or something. Basically, for now Tabletopia is apparently set up so that if you buy into the beta, the early access fee counts as your “subscription” until it gets officially released. I think.

EDIT: that thing Zejety said. In my defense, I’m drunk

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The way I understand it is, gold will allow members to invite ANYONE to play (they can share a link, which will allow anyone to play within their browser). But Silver members can only play with other paid subscribers.

As for turn notification, according to their website, they will implement PBEM by 2017Q1.

Apparently there are no free accounts at the moment. Which is kinda sad.

Members can invite others (non-members) into a game.

But how…??
I tried that, but my friend who was trying to play, got stuck on a screen asking for an invitation code.

When a member opens a room, there will be a URL at the top of the screen. If they provide that URL to you, you will be able to enter the room via your web browser and play.

Yeah I gave it to him, he clicked on it, and got a screen asking for an invitation code to sign up.
He signed in with Steam, if that makes any difference.

Im pretty sure it has to be web browser, not steam.

This post should clarify things.

Yes, I did that. My friend couldn’t join. He got a page asking him for an invitation code after I sent him a link.

was he using Chrome?

… actually yes. However, it wasn’t a game failing to load.

Let’s see if I can upload it for you…

Ah. I don’t think it’s compatible with Chrome. Try Firefox

@Leontes Hey, I see that Codex is no longer on Tabletopia? Is this because the subscription model is not in place yet? How about having the starter set available? Let people at Tabletopia be enticed by the game and want more?

Huh, it totally is gone.

I was poking at it over the weekend and according the the menus it should be free play with Bashing v Finesse, and Silver/Gold subscription level for the full game.

Sorry, yeah; the mod is not currently up on Tabletopia. Our contract with them involves the game being a part of the software post-release, when the subscription model is set up. They launched the game without letting me know beforehand; unfortunately we had to remove the mod until the game is out of Early Access.

However! They did tell me that the game should be launching in “the Fall” so hopefully soon? I still don’t know 100% :frowning:

We are considering leaving the Bashing vs. Finesse module live and free though, so we might see that happen in the next few days.


Yeah, Bashing vs. Finesse for free sounds like a 100% ideal compromise, given that it’s also available free as a print-and-play thing.

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I read November somewhere. So hopefully then!

just sharing my 2 cents. Imo a rules not enforced version cannot be compared to pbp, where at least u have all the time for check, re check and eventually fix mistakes. Also the price is an issue. I would not mind paying for a lifetime codex access (like for the browser games) but a subscription in the long run is imo draining. As it is, it will not help new players learning the rules, which is sad.
Long story short, i will not use TT. I prefer using pbp and waiting for the “official” release of online codex.

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You’re gonna be waiting a long time T_T

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