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Digital version of Codex

Imo and ime, digital versions are the quickest and best way to spread word about a game. For example a steam version, rules enforced of codex with red or green faction free to play would be great to both find opponents online all around the world and at the same time “bait” ppl into codex and let them sucked in by its awesomeness. The pros of a digital version are the 0 set up/clean up time, and easy way to tutorial new players, and help them to learn rulings, since rules enforced would simply prevent misplays.


I’ll just leave this… here…

Give it a while to upload though :smiley:


So are you saying that Codex may arrive in Tabletopia sooner than on my actual tabletop

Not that I am complaining, mind you

“This video is private” D:

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Leontes: Master troll in the subject of Codex

its up on Tabletopia! :grin:


Really pleased with the implementation. Played two games with ap49, and it was a pleasure not to have to deal with annoying physics objects (dice and coins). Building a Codex is easy. Once I got the hang of how to draw, rotate, flip, etc. it worked really nicely. Thanks for the games @ap49 and good job on coordinating/project managing the build @Leontes, it’s looking good!

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[10-character-long gasp]


Well, this will make me finally pull the trigger on Tabletopia account. As long as i can play regularly, I don’t think it will be money mis-spent.

I’ll try and check it out after work!

Video is ready now :smiley:


Ok, just to get it straight. For 2 players to play eachother, they either have to get 1 gold membership for 10 smackeroos a month and one bronze which is free, or two seperate silver memberships for 5 smackeroos a month?

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Tabletopia is being advertised as a service. The subscription will give you access to a lot of games where the digital version is exclusive to the service, Codex only being one of them.

That being said I’m not sure how well it will survive. While there’s respect in the community, there will always be Play by Post here which is free and has the added benefit of being asynchronous, and the possibility of Tabletop Simulator’s Codex mod being hosted outside of Steam (I find TTS to be too buggy to bother with in most cases, but that’s me).

Although, as far as just Codex is concerned, the Tabletopia mod can be used for online tournaments, since a judge should he able to spectate. That’s an added bonus. The judge could even host it with a gold account for the players.

I’m just spit-balling here at this point

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Did Sirlin Game pay for Tabletopia service ?
A rule-enforced Codex would be truely awesome because of the huge list of FAQ that can’t stop growing in this game.
Yomi’s online interface personnally helped me a lot to learn the rules, and same thing for Blood Bowl on FUMBBL .

I personnally won’t use Tabletopia at all because it’s very expensive ($60 a year…) and I can’t see the advantages compared to Play by Post.
PbP allows us to keep track of everything we did in the game (and as it’s very easy in Codex to make a mistake it’s a huge advantage), to watch your opponent’s decisions retrospectively (what was his hand at this moment, what is more more and more people are noting their personnal thoughts at each turn) and to watch other people’s games !
It’s much more social and fun !

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I think Tabletopia support asynchronous play too, so it supporting synchronous play is a strict advantage over PbP. You can alse (at least in theory) see what your opponent ist doing ao there is a higher risk to illegally manipulating your deck.

It’s also to read the current boardstate with images and everything on one screen instead of two posts.

I think $5 for a service like that is fair, assuming the library of other games isn’t too shabby. But I understand it may look less appealing for people who only want to play Codex.

It’s also kimd of unfair to compair it to TTS, which’s Codex module basically amount to pirating the Tabletopia version, at least once it is available.


Asynchronous Tabletopia seems quite weird…
To check if my opponent played, I’d have to turn on my computer and to launch Tabletopia ?
PbF does better, you just have to check the forum on your phone. And you can activate notifications.

Tabletopia does have a browser version (and mobile/tablets are apparently in the making, too) Maybe you can also enable notifications?
But yeah, I didn’t mean to say that PbP doesn’t have advantages.

I know I would rather just play a match finished during an hours time or so, than Play by post.


@Leontes Hi I don’t understand how to invite people who haven’t bought the game?
I bought it and am apparently premium/gold or whatever and I’m trying to bring a friend but I can’t work out how.

Tabletopia is still in beta and subscriptions don’t do anything.
The current options are all 1-time-payments for early access, bundled with varying amounts of pre-paid subscriptions for when the software actually goes live (or open beta).

What does that mean? That everyone is Premium and has the priveleges?