Codex Tracking Spreadsheet

Ack, can’t roll it back. It turned black during another discard/draw.

One quick theory, do both of your tech boxes still have dropdown buttons on them/do any of your discard cells have dropdown buttons on them?

Discard cells? No arrows there (tech boxes normal too); just to be clear, here’s what happened:

  1. Tech Surprise Attack
  2. Discard/draw
  3. Surprise Attack goes into my discard and is now red
  4. On a later discard/draw (didn’t notice which) it turns black
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you’re on an older version of the sheet then if the tech boxes don’t have drop downs (not a problem just eliminates the only thing I could think off), I have no idea what’s happened, but given its fine now I hope it stays that way :slight_smile: .

No no, I have the new sheet. By normal I mean they have dropdowns like I expect them to.

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The cell formatting is not moved around to follow the text in each cell. A specific cell could have turned red text due to a stray keyboard press or perhaps that cell is formatted red in the current sheet.

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I’ve updated my output formatter with some new features and some minor bug-fixes and improvements. The forums won’t let me update my previous post, so here’s the new link.

The following special terms can be used in the “Board” or “Actions” columns to create new post sections similar to “In Play:”: Upkeep, Main, Future, In Graveyard, Jailed, On Loan, and Trashed.

Building HP set to 99 will be converted to ∞


It would appear this thread needs to be PINNED again.

@Leontes can you help?

the spreadsheet does not work for me. I have to use the buttons for mobile, otherwise it says there is an error and the script does not work.

The buttons trigger a security message, and certain google account settings can cause it to be automatically rejected, causing it to not work. When I use a new copy of the spreadsheet for the first time, I have to authorize the scripts to run after pressing a button for the first time.


i get the prompt, i do authorize the scripts, and get the error message.

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In that case, I do not have a good answer, I am not able to replicate the problem you describe using a fresh copy of the sheet.

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I got the problem. Ffox now disables pop ups, so it blocks the prompt for codex pbp helper. One has either to allow google docs to open pop ups or use chrome


Suggestion: it would look a little better if the patrol zone was formatted as a table. Sometimes unit names are different lengths and it makes the patrol zone hard to read at a glance, for example someone can miss a patroller in elite because they don’t ‘stick out’ far enough. a table would make them aligned more evenly.


Patrol Zone
:psblueshield: Squad Leader: Fox Primus
:psfist: Elite: Rook
:ps_: Scavenger: savior monk
:pschip: Technician: sparring partner
:target: Lookout:

source (reference):

| Patrol Zone | |
| :psblueshield: Squad Leader: | Fox Primus |
| :psfist: Elite: | Rook |
| :ps_: Scavenger: | savior monk |
| :pschip: Technician: | sparring partner |
| :target: Lookout: | |
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Easy enought o implement.

I will say that adding the stats (eg 2/4, 3/3+A, 2/1, etc) helps to clue in there’s a patroller.

i’m soo lazy though. speaking of which another idea would be adding in an auto-generated ‘command zone’ with hero names and level 1 stats for easier copy/pasting

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That wouldnt be too hard, just have to decide where in the sheet to put it. Maybe at the bottom of the patrol zone.

Hey, can we get, uh . . . random discard button to facilitate games against the Black starter?

How we have typcialy done that is the imp player picks a number at random and posts it alongside the imp, then the opponent discards that number down from the top of their hand.
If t happens after a tech draw, its still a number down from the top of the hand list.

There’s not really anyway to enforce the fair play with the play by forum format, either the imp player can cheat or the opponent can cheat, but mostly the method i descrbe lets a bystander check that everythings kosher.

All that o say yes I could add a button, but it doesnt solve the problem.

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