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Codex official sleeves

Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you guys were having any issues with the sleeves? I ordered 8 boxes for my deluxe set and about 5 of those boxes have sleeves that don’t fit the card all the way, the top of the card sticks out. I already damaged the edge of one of my cards cause of this and it isn’t all the sleeves that do this either, certain boxes fit the cards fine. Yes I have double checked to make sure they fit all the way to the bottom and the cards still stick out. Am I the only one having this issue?

all my sleeves fit fine

I have 2 of the 8 sets that were cut to short. I went ahead and contacted Ship Naked because I don’t have enough sleeves for all the cards. :frowning:

I had about 15 of the sleeves that were cut short in one of my boxes. Additionally, a few sleeves in each box were too narrow. My overall failure rate was maybe 40 sleeves out of the 7 boxes I opened.

Did you get any response from ship naked?

Unfortunately, I was unable to email them about it until 10 minutes after they closed for the weekend, so I won’t find out till Monday at the earliest.

Haha I see, let me know how things go! I payed a lot for these sleeves, so I hope they can sort things out…

I’ve been having issues with my sleeves.

The first 2/3 packs were completely fine; the next 3/4 have had significant issues; some are ok, where the sleeve covers the card with less than 1mm sleeve left at the top - the rest have the card sticking out.

I’ve got 2 packs of sleeves still to open; I’m considering looking for a refund and just ordering other sleeves.

I can’t fault Sirlin Games at all really; this is just the nature of overseas manufacturing. That said, Sirlin could have designed the card sleeves with an extra 1-2mm at the top, so in case of this issue occuring, it wouldn’t be as big a deal.

Really not looking forward to having to contact ShipNaked and wait ~1 more week for new sleeves to arrive, only to have them potentially have the same issue. :3

Do we know anything about who manufactured the Codex sleeves? The SirlinGames shop refers to them only as durable, premium sleeves. I haven’t heard any specifics about them anywhere.

Just thought I’d chime in that I had the same issue with my sleeves, most just barely fit, the rest were too short for the cards so the tops stick out. Unfortunately I’m way too busy in my life to deal with the nightmare that is the typical defective product return process, so whoever the manufacturer was is just going to get away with it in my case, but its definitely soured me on investing so heavily into sirlin products in the future. Very disappointed…

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FWIW, all my sleeves are great.

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Actually, you’re right - I’m not sure exactly where the sleeves were manufactured.

Initially I was just presuming it was overseas, just because that’s the nature of most manufacturing nowadays and the volume of sleeves, but, that said…

Now that I think about it, it was likely manufactured in the US - otherwise you’d have to co-ordinate multiple companies and shipments onto the same boat, which could be a bit of a hassle (and different boats would mean longer times in port); and, there are US printing companies that can do custom sleeves afaik.

Agreed; since I’ve opened 6/8 of the sleeve packs, it’s likely going to be a difficult process to get any sort of refund. I’ll probably order some KMC Hyper Mat sleeves since that’s what people seem to be going with, and it’ll save me the week/handling of replacements (and then replacements for those replacements if the sleeves are still short…) - while it hasn’t soured me on Sirlin product (since, first run of sleeves product for this product, sleeves not manufactured directly by Sirlin Games, etc), it does serve as a reminder to be a little more thrifty and not splurge on every extra right off the bat. :3

I really do like the color and look of the Codex sleeves, which makes them having any issues even worse, since they ARE cool.

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Why though? Defective product is defective product, right?


I pre-ordered 7 packs for when they’re available in the shop. This thread is making me worry a little bit :frowning:

I backed for deluxe + 800 sleeves, and after sleeving everything that makes sense (workers, tokens, add-ons, and specs went in clear sleeves) I have 2 unopened boxes of sleeves left, and about 1/3 of an opened box left. When I spotted one that was a bit short I left it aside and just swapped it with another. I probably only had to do that 5 or 6 times out of the 500+ cards I sleeved (granted, I wasn’t putting my jeweler’s bifocals on and getting my vernier caliper out, so it’s entirely possible that I missed a couple), and I’m eminently satisfied with that ratio.


I sleeved all my cards over the last week, and noticed there were a pretty significant number of “short” sleeves. I was lazy and just left them like that though, because I wanted to get everything sleeved. I should go back through and fix that, because the cards are definitely marked, that is, they shouldn’t be tournament-legal. The good news is, since I foolishly ordered 800 sleeves (the real number of deck-able cards is a bit under 600), I should hopefully have enough spare.

When others here mention short sleeves, how short are we talking? I think there were some sleeves of mine that ended right at the top of the card and others that were 1mm longer than the card, would the former count as a short sleeve even though the card doesn’t come off of the end?

Most of my cards go right to the very top of the sleeve, which IMO is a little short, but maybe not complaint-worthy. I definitely have a nontrivial number of sleeves where the actual card is sticking out the top, though.

The sleeves that are bad on mine, the cards stick out of the top, so the edge of the cards are exposed.

I ordered 800 sleeves, and I got through sleeving four of the decks last night. Most of the sleeves are barely tall enough to hold the card. A lot of times, if I casually push the card in, it sticks out a very tiny amount (like less than 1 mm), but then if I really tried, I could work it down further a little more. Some of the sleeves, though far less than a majority, fit the whole card in quite easily. I wish most of the sleeves work like this, but as it is, I don’t think it’s that much of a problem, so I’m just going to stick with it. A smallish percentage of the sleeves were a little too short and I didn’t use them.

I used standard size clear Fantasy Flight sleeves for the cards that had different backs than the standard unit cards (heroes, tokens, workers)

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