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Codex event idea

You know how sometimes public Chess sets will have teams of players who vote on moves (usually a grandmaster vs a massive group). Does anyone think a Codex tournament like this could be fun? What I’m thinking is teams of 3 players. 1v1 card setup, but the team agrees on the actions of each turn. Does anyone think this might be a good thing to try, or am I just crazy? Maybe call it something like “Quince’s council challenge”


The idea is fun, but it’s gonna require some work to actually be doable.

In a turn of Chess, you have:

  • Move one piece from one square to another

In a turn of Codex, you often have:

  • Choose two cards to tech into your discard
  • Attack with different units
  • Cast spells
  • Summon heroes
  • Choose a patrol

And all of those involve decisions. Now, it could work for a team of 3, since they can just bounce around options and make a choice, but only having three players really minimizes the “versus the horde” effect.

I think that 3 v 3 size would be better partly because it could be used to have an experienced player with 2 (or just one) newer players as a mentor tournament type event. Also because like you said, a horde of players running multi part turns is probably too much.

YOMI had a couple of exhibition matches as team vs team. They took a long time per turn (1 day to pick a single card play).

So, I wouldn’t recommend it for a tournament format.

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For PbF Codex Tournaments, day long turns is pretty normal. 5-8 turns is the usual length of a Codex game.

I feel like we actually did this on the old forums, just with mono color decks. I’ll look for it if I can find the archive link.

I would be up for it again though!

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Yeah! and definitely better to run once as a single game to see how well it works before committing to a tourney of it.

I’d be up for it, but would definitely need to do the intra-team conversations over a chat medium (and pre-arrange times?)


That makes sense

Remember to multiply that by 4-7x, though, because of the number of decisions being made (vs. Yomi’s “pick a card, pick a combo if we win”). Could mean a turn takes a week.

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Oof. That could be a problem.

I found one of the threads for a Community Game (comgame) on the old forums

I think it took 2-3 days per turn, which ended up meaning a game took a couple weeks to finish.

It’s definitely not great for a tourney, but as a general community activity, it works just fine.

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I ran something similar on this forum, the team codex version. It took 4-5 days per turn fairly often.


Oh yeaaah! That was fun @zhavier, although Blue / Purple got fkin creamed by Red / Black as I recall :wink: It wasn’t even particularly close.

Anyways, I would be up for doing either type of thing again, either as moderator or participant. It was a fun group activity to think through moves

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