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Codex bookkeeping

I have 2 suggestions to help remember whether you build a worker or not and whether you teched or not.

When you build a worker, maybe you can :exhaust: /bow/kneel/tap the workered card to help you remember that you just workered. Just remember to straighten/untap/stand/ready all cards, including workers the next turn.

For teched cards, maybe it’s helpful to put it in a separate pile (just beside the discard pile). In this way, you know if you just teched and how many cards you teched. This is also helpful for beginners to remember that teching cards into the discard pile happens on your turn but after any card draws during your opponent’s turn (e.g. draws after a technician unit dies)

P.S. i don’t know what e.g. stands for :psyduck:


That’s what I do with my teched cards. I put them on the side of the discard pile until my turn begin.


E.g. is an abreviation for the latin words that mean “for example”


Exempli gratia if you want to be fancy.


This would make a great addition to the other thread! Little tricks to keep track of everything in Codex