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Character Guides, Match-Up Charts, and More: Collected Links to Important Resources

This post is meant to collect interesting and helpful posts related to Yomi, from character guides, match-up charts, tournament leaderboards, and assorted learning material. If you come across something useful or have questions or comments, please message me.

Player Resources

[details=Strategy Guides]:exhaust:Game Theory Fundamentals of Yomi
:knockdown:Yomi Cross-Up Guide
:heroeshall:Yomi Beginner’s Guide
:chibighost:Ghost Buster - A Guide to 2v2

Character Overviews

ClanNatioy’s Yomi Cast Character Overviews

[details=Character Guides] :grave: Grave Character Guide
:jaina: Jaina Intermediate Strategy Guide
:jaina: Playing with Fire
:jaina: Juushichi Rambles About Jaina vs the Yomi Cast
:midori: Mastering the Mentor
:setsuki: On Speed: A New Player’s Guide to Setsuki
:rook: Rook 101
:degrey: Major_shiznick’s Guide to DeGrey
:valerie: Valerie Character Guide
:valerie: Painting by Numbers
:geiger: Gallantly Galvanizing Geiger
:geiger: A New Player’s Guide to Becoming Mediocre with Geiger
:geiger: Time Enough for Love: Thoughts on Geiger
:lum: ntillerman’s guide to Lum
:argagarg: An Aggravating Amphibious Assailant
:quince: Quintessential Quince
:quince: Learn the ConseQuinces: An Anti-Quince Guide
:onimaru: Wartime Tactics
:troq: Troq Character Guide
:bbb: Bal-Bas-Beta Character Guide
:bbb: Your Opponent: Bal-Bas-Beta
:menelker: Menelker, Deathstrike Dragon
:persephone: Persephone Character Guide
:persephone:Dominant Strategies
:gloria: Lessons from Quickmatch
:gloria: No Guts No Gloria
:gloria: Gloria 201: Variations and Practices
:gwen: Hoover J. Horsingston’s Personal Guide to Gwen
:vendetta: The Surgeon Is In
:zane: Clinically InZane
:zane: The Anarchist’s Handbook

[details=Tutorial Videos]

Getting Good at Yomi: A collection of videos covering Yomi basics[/details]

[details=Match-Up Charts]

The Historical Chart: A match-up chart for all 20 characters based on tournament performance since 2014.
The Yomi Composite Chart: created by scymrian to aggregate and average the individual charts below.
The Princess Power Chart: created by rodohk, ratxt1, deluks917, and mastrblastr
The Mad King Chart: created by Mad King
The Three Amigos Chart: created by IamNobody, cpat, and Bob199
Staryu’s Chart: created by staryu
The DRB Chart: created by Juushichi, Raziek, and Ryker
The Character Specialist Chart: created by ClanNatioy, enomus, Fivec, Fluffiness, FraaOrolo, hartley, Leontes, mi-go hunter, and Southpaw Hare
The cpat Solo Chart: created by cpat, solo[/details]

Yomi Videos

Yomi on Twitch

Bomber678: 1st and 3rd person match commentary
IamNobody: 3rd person match commentary
MadKing: 3rd person match commentary
neigutten: 1st and 3rd person match commentary
Sirlin Games: 1st and 3rd person match commentary

Yomi On YouTube

Bomber678: 1st and 3rd person match commentary
Mad king: 3rd person match commentary
mysticjuicer: 1st and 3rd person match commentary, match-up and character guides
neigutten: 1st person match commentary
Raziek: 1st and 3rd person match commentary
Sirlin Games: 1st and 3rd person match commentary
snoc: 1st person match commentary, casuals with members of the community + Skype discussion
Southpaw Hare: 1st and 3rd person match commentary


Sep 15 changes:

  • Updated guides
  • Added short descriptions to Twitch and YouTube channels
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Nice! But I don’t think there’s any 3rd person stuff on my channel, and I don’t really have any plans to do that beyond co-casting with others for their channel (consequestes hype). So you can update that description for me.

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Thanks for moving these guides over, MysticJuicer! I had started saving the webpages to my computer just in case these didn’t make it. We must preserve ancient forums knowledge!

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Added a bunch of the older guides. Next guide to be imported is ARMed_PIrate’s Setsuki guide. If anyone is willing to help out with this, I’d be very grateful. It’s been a busy week and it’s going to be a busy weekend - I don’t want these resources to disappear with the old forums.

I’m just doing a quick copy-paste with some bolding of key sections. Copying images over is very easy too. Remember to credit the writer if the guide isn’t yours.


I have saved all of the guides here: so that should make one step a bit easier. :slight_smile:


Explore Jimmy Smith


Can my character overview/basics thread be added to the links?


With pleasure! Done.

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Hey, so I have some questions about the historical matchup chart. These are not requests, unless they are fairly easy to do. I have no idea how hard sheets are to edit/expand.

  1. Would it be possible to sort players results in a way? Who has the most recorded tournament matches/sets/wins/losses?

  2. See what characters has the most tournament wins?

Not in the sheet itself, no, but you can download an offline copy of the historical match-up chart and perform any data analysis you want on it. Go to ‘file’ > ‘download’ > ‘Excel’ and you’ll get an offline Excel file version. Then you can create a new tab and do whatever you want with it.

Most tournament wins will be either Zane or Troq, or possibly DeGrey, guaranteed. They’re the most played characters with the highest percentage win rates.


I might make a copy of the Google Sheet and see if there’s a way to do it without messing things up. For some reason I’ve been enjoying leaning new things about Sheets recently, so if I can get it to work maybe you could add it back to your version? Alternatively, maybe you’ve already tried and it’s impossible, in which case that’s a shame.

It’s definitely possible to do both of those things in the sheet, but I’m hesitant to do either. Part of it is philosophical: I don’t want to create a leaderboard, because leaderboards are contentious, and my goal is mainly to provide aggregated information. Part of it is practical: the last set of changes made to the sheet significantly slowed its performance, and I don’t want to further slow it down unless it is a critical item.


@SG_Staff I’d like to edit the original post, but it appears I can’t do that anymore? I thought it was a wiki? Is it possible to make it a wiki, still?



  1. Yomi Historical ELO Calculator: This spreadsheet uses the historical results of tournament matches recorded to calculate ELO ratings for players. It can be used to seed tournaments, or review your ELO over time.

@vengefulpickle the ELO list appears to only have like 5% of the player base on it for some reason.

I’ll take a look. @mysticjuicer, can you update that link to point to the v2 sheet?

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Thanks for the reminder! Fixed.