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[Character Design] Persephone

Hey there. This is my really bad take on Persephone in Codex. I got really into this game about 2 weeks ago and found myself wondering what some of the other characters in the Fantasy Strike universe might be like. I had some downtime and decided to make this for fun. Feedback is appreciated.

Persephone, Nox Oracle

1-4: Arrives; Give a friendly unit Deathtouch until end of turn. (2/3)
5-7: 1 -> Give a unit “When this unit deals combat damage; look at the top card of your deck. You may put that card into your hand. If you don’t; Deal 2 damage to your base” Twice per turn. (2/4)
8: Max level: If Persephone deals combat damage to an opponents base the turn she hits Max Level; You may set up that players patrol zone at the end of their next main phase/turn. At the end of that players turn, you take 1 damage for every card not in their patrol zone”? (3/4)

Tech I

Obedient Minion ($2 Tech 1)
Unit - Pawn
Haste, Deathtouch
If this unit kills another unit and doesn’t die; ready and heal it, it loses Haste and Deathtouch, and becomes a 0/2 that can’t patrol until you next upkeep. (1/2)

Troubled Mystic ($3 Tech 1)
Unit - Mystic
Arrives; Shuffle your discard pile. Look at the top 2 cards of you discard. You may put any number of them on top of your deck. Take 2 damage for each card put on top this way. (2/3)

Tech II

Dreadful Mimic ($4 Tech 2)
Unit - Horror
If this unit kills another unit with flying; Dreadful Mimic gains flying. The same is true for Overpower, Sparkshot, Untargetable, Swift Strike and Resist X. (3/4)

Bloodchain Brute ($5 Tech 2)
Unit - Giant
Haste, Ephemeral, Sparkshot . If this units Sparkshot kills a unit; deal 1 damage to an adjacent unit to the one that died. If this unit dies from Ephemeral; Your opponent discards a card a random. (5/2)

Bloodstained Sanctuary ($3/4 Tech 2) I have 2 ideas for this one so I will put both. The cost for both are separated above accordingly.
Untargetable by spells. Arrives or At the beginning of your Upkeep; Flip a coin.

Heads: Give a unit Unstoppable this turn.

Tails: This building takes 1.

Second idea: 1 -> Exhaust; The first card you play this turn cost 0. Your base takes damage equal to the cost of the card played. (3HP)

Corrupted Colossus ($6 Tech 2)
Unit - Colossus
Arrives; Summon two 1/1 units with “When this unit dies; Draw a card, and your base takes 1” for your opponent. (5/7)

Inspired Savant ($6 Tech 2)
Unit - Soldier
Arrives; This unit gains all keywords currently in play. (4/5)

Tech III

Harbinger of Uncertainty ($7 or $8 Tech 3)
Unit - Horror
Arrives; Pick Even or Odd. Your opponents can’t play units or spells of the chosen value. (Not sure how to word this) (3/3)

Spells !

Denied ($5)
Exhaust; The first card played by your opponent next turn is trashed. They may have their base take 2 to counter this. (Hero’s return to the Command zone)

Mistress’s Command ($3)
Up to two units your opponents control must attack next turn if able.

Obligated Servitude ($5)
Spell - Buff
Pick two units you control. One gains “When this unit dies this turn; return it to your hand” and the other gains “When this unit dies this turn; you may put it on top for your deck”

Bare your Soul ($6 or $7)
Dominance Ultimate Spell
Look at the top 3 cards of your opponents library. You may play any number of them for 0, but your base takes a damage equal to the total cost of the cards played this way. Units played this way gain Fading 2.


I like the look of this at first glance! It seems like you are managing to explore some design space not in codex yet. I haven’t thought about particular cards or balance yet, will probably do later today!

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Thanks for the comment! Like I said, this is just for fun and not super serious or anything. I’ve never done any sort of game design before so I’m curious if these are going to be super OP or not good at all

That’s an excellent learning opportunity for you, then.
Play a bunch of Codex, come back to these in a month or two, and see what you think.


I’m trying to play as much as I can! Been having a blast with this game so far


Um, is her maxband meant to be: if persephone gets through to their base, then u win? Because you can just decide that they don’t patrol anything and hit their base again next turn!
However, in general this stuff seems both fun and new (plenty of balancing things but that is the norm with a new set of cards im pretty sure😂)


The maxband does seem game-ending. If I remember correctly, Persephone’s control ability in Yomi got dialed down a lot before it become balanced, so we might expect something similar here. Maybe your opponent takes a normal turn, but then you can move patrollers to different slots?

Either way, there are interesting ideas here.

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Hmmm. I guess I should have worded it better. My thought process was they had to hit the base the turn she max leveled or it just doesn’t do anything.

I actually like the moving patrollers around idea. I do agree that taking over a players turn is really strong. What about adding something like “Max level: If Persephone deals combat damage to an opponents base this turn; you may set up that players patrol zone at the end of their next main phase/turn (Wasn’t sure if this wording would conflict with the next ability if they’re both end of turn effects). At the end of that players turn, you take 1 damage for every card not in their patrol zone”?

Is that base damage? I would be very happy to take a little base damage in exchange for leaving my opponent’s patrol completely empty: if Perse hit the base on the previous turn, you’ve got a pretty good chance of destroying their base, or at least their tech buildings, if their patrol is empty, and that’s before accounting for synergies with Artisan Mantis / Morningstar Pass. I phrased it as moving patrollers around to prevent that.

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Yeah, I guess that is pretty good now thinking about it. I like the idea of you also taking damage off her Maxband.

What about “8: Max Level: If Persephone deals combat damage to an opponents base the turn she hits Max Level; you may rearrange their patrol zone at the end of their next turn. Your base takes 2 for each unit moved this way. This damage cannot be prevented”?

Maybe I’m just misunderstanding what you’re trying to explain to me.