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Casual - robinz ([Blood]/Feral/Present) vs Legion ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy)

Sh*t, I always forget that. I really could be about to lose then…

that is why i told u it could be game my fav. u cannot get a second hero, and if i manage to kill ur tech I and II all the time maybe i can kill u :wink:

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Yes of course. I’ve gone “all in” but wrecked by board, so if I can’t get that last damage soon I’m toast. I’m basically relying on Drakk’s topband - but if I can’t patrol anyone (which I can’t, there’s no way I’m not doing 4 damage with Cal this turn) then you could have lethal this very turn :frowning:

yes, plz tell me when u r done re doing the turn :wink:

Well, all I can do is just not play Geiger and float that additional 6 gold. Otherwise the same. Let me know if you can actually kill me, and if not I’ll redo it officially.

(Do I have to redo my draw though? I guess yes, but would rather you decided. I’m not saying if my next draw was good or bad - and tbh it probably makes no difference anyway.)

if u do not play geiger and did as u do is my win :wink:

well, so i win here too! yay! I’m not a fraud!

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Crap. Well played, GG - but I can’t realistically do anything else. I mean I can patrol Cal, but she just gets killed and then I’ve literally no idea where I get 5 damage from before you win.

I knew I’d mess up in a base-race situation - but not quite sure where I went wrong in the endgame. I mean, I could win this turn if I drew Ferns again, and most likely I win if I drew Crash Bomber. Even if I just had some Tech 0 or Tech 1 to patrol with…

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here is my turn.
get 9 gold
temp research(7) draw 2 (i draw marauder and ffifighter.)
cadet hits ur base together with zane, monkey (5), Marauder (2) for a total of 3+4+3+4+ nullcraft that gets chaos mirrored(0) gaining marauder attack 4 for a total of 18!

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@robinz gg really WP ur cala is really fearsome! now u can see how i teched spells cuz i expected to lose my heroes! was rlly fun! hope u enjoyed it as much as me!

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Yes, I really enjoyed it. I’m just annoyed that I felt I had a sure win at the end and I messed it up. I still haven’t won with this deck yet!

There’s no doubt that you’re way better than me though - I got lucky a few times, looks like you got unlucky. I also got the impression that you were “experimenting” a little because it was a casual game.

I’m still not sure with my deck whether Drakk or Cal is the best early-game hero, or if it depends on the matchup. (Ours was the only CAWS game where I played Cal, in the other two, one of which isn’t finished yet, I went with Drakk.) Or which Tech 2 spec is best (almost certainly not Feral, but both the other two are really good).

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dude do not sell urself short. I always go all out. Is just that i have more exp with peace than anarchy, but u pressured me so much diring caws that i was sure u would have killed me if i had kept the same strat. So idecided to go anarchy to caugh u by surprise, and in the end it worked! u played rlly well. Only thing i can say, imho u use drakk too litlle, u never gave haste or frenzy to ur units :confused:
Myabe build a Heroes hall for summoning other heroes?
@FrozenStorm @EricF any input advice for both of us?


I think you give me too much credit. I mean I did pressure you in our CAWS game, and I actually thought I was well ahead - right up until the turn before I conceded :smiley: I just hadn’t expected the famous “Peace Machine” to explode quite so quickly. I literally had no idea how I could prevent that other than destroying your Tech 2/Garrisons - hence the decision to go with Ferns this game.

You’re right that I don’t get as much value out of Drakk as I should. I find it hard in the early game to afford getting him to midband while also getting enough units out, particularly as P1. I’ve never thought of using an early HH with this deck, because I didn’t think I’d need 2 heroes until I go to Tech 2 - which the plan is always to do pretty much as soon as possible. I have considered maybe wanting one in the midgame to have all 3 heroes out.

My biggest problem this game might have been my inexperience with Blood - and especially because I naturally favour a more “control”-style game (kill units and heroes, destroy tech buildings) than going all in on the base. If you look at my very first post, you’ll see that I knew it would lead to be going way down on cards - and so it proved. How do you actually keep any sort of cardflow while playing Blood. (Other than “combine it with Demonology so you can use Dark Pact” :wink: ) I know Desperation exists, but because of the way that spell works it only lets you keep on playing stuff on the turn you play it - it does nothing to recover your handsize in the following turns.

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imo, if u think about playing blood and captured bugblatter, murkwood friedns is huge, since is 4 units/shields and 4 dmg when they die :wink: Drakk is great, imagine if u go tech II feral and give an elephant haste+frenzy!


Also, imho, consider kidnapping too!

Yeah, I teched that. I never drew it though because my deck was huge and I was moving through it…so…slowly…

Hasted elephant is a really fun idea - especially if I have Ready or Not as well, yes I’ve fantasised about that one :smiley: But I’m really not sure if Tech 2 Feral is ever a great idea. I’d only pinch units from that via things like WGD or Feral Strike - although Gigadon is more tempting to me in most boardstates than the Elephant.

well, drakk and now are a good way of giving feral haste, that would make so many units so fearsome (like elepahnt, barcoat bear etc)

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Not much to add for me. Fire or demonz are your best friend in this “just a few more damage” situations. Agree with legion that murkwood would be really helpful with bugblatter, as would crash bombers and desperation. Also against anarchy a tower is super helpful. I think Robinz played pretty well though.


Thanks for the advice, @FrozenStorm - and the compliment.

While I agree that those other specs (particularly Fire) would be great if I was just wanting to base race (although then there’s a very good case for just playing mono-Red), that’s not really the idea I “designed” this deck around. Blood is there mainly because of Drakk - even though I completely agree with Legion that I failed to make good use of him here, and indeed in my other CAWS games - and because I love the idea of having Crashbarrows/Gliders on hand if I get Feral Strike or Warp Gate Disciple going. (Temporal Distortion too, for that matter.) I don’t expect to actually choose Blood for Tech 2 that often - I did so in this game largely as an experiment, although I have to admit it was pretty successful, despite the result! I like having Present as an option too, although I’ve been thinking more about Legion’s suggestion to give Feral a try - I think I might give it a go, with Drakk and Geiger as heroes for the haste.

I agree with you both about Murkwood being a good option with Bugblatter - that was something that I’d never thought of, but that makes a lot of sense. It’s very expensive though (especially in a game where I found myself stuck at 8 workers!) - I’m not sure I really understand why it was priced at 5, and it has never really seemed worth that cost to me, unless going heavy on green (for Gigadon and Galina). Although I guess it’s pretty good with behind the Ferns too - if you can get any frogs to survive for a turn.

Crash Bombers - not a unit I would typically use very often, because I don’t think their cheapness and chance of doing a couple of extra base damage make up for their terrible stats. But I DID recognise they’d be very helpful in closing out this game, so I teched one on T5, and the second later when it was pretty much irrelevant. Unfortunately I never drew either in time because of my huge deck and slow cycling.

As for despseration - I’ve never used that spell, and have a hard time really understanding how to do it. It seems to me that it only has a very niche use where you just want to play a load of stuff in one turn, and have the gold to do so. Even though Blood has cheap units, since I never went beyond 8 workers in this game (not by delierate choice, but I never had enough gold and cards after that point to make another one) I’d have struggled to make it work. And more importantly, the turn you play it you are forced to discard 0 and draw 2, when what I desparately needed in this game was something to increase my handsize on following turns.

I rarely think of building a Tower, for some reason - that’s certainly a great suggestion in general against aggressive decks. (Again, in this game, the gold cost might have been a problem for me though! Also, it felt that I was very much the aggressor, whereas the tower is a defensive option? Would have helped against Monkeys though, without doubt.

One more reflection on this game - it seems pretty clear that Legion was experimenting. Had he followed the usual Peace plan I’m not sure I’d have been able to stop it in time, although I think I was a little better set up for it than in the “real” game.

Thanks again for the great advice - both you and @Legion!