[CAMS24] Round1: P1 FrozenStorm [Finesse]/Blood/Fire vs P2 Unity monopurple

Damn it, you´re right. Have to redo my move…:grimacing:

Should be o.k. now?


Edit: Immortal on Elite slot has 6 attack

This was a close one, GG WP @Unity ! @zango base goes boom

CAMS24 Round 1 Player 1, Turn 10

P1 Finesse/Blood/Fire vs P2 Purple

Starting Hand


Events of Turn:


  • Get Gold (11+1float)
  • no techs
All Teched Cards

Blademaster x2
Star-Crossed Starlet, Leaping Lizard
Grounded Guide, Discord
Maestro, Appel Stomp
Nimble Fencer, Desperation
Lobber, Nimble Fencer


  • Drakk + Midband (7)
  • Jaina Midband (4)
  • Discord, Tinkerer and Fargo are feeling ill (2)
  • Lobber and Timely Messenger sidelines SQL and die
  • Nimble Fencer sidelines elite and dies
  • Jaina kills Geiger and sparkshots tinkerer, you draw 1 and get 1g, Jaina to level 6
  • River kills Fargo, takes 1
  • Maestro, Guide and other Fencer break your base, GG WP!
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Well done - GG WP :pray:

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