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Boston Codex?

Anyone in the vaguely Boston area up for Codex or more broadly any Fantasy Strike games?

I have: Yomi , Codex ,Flash Duel and a variety of other games.

I didn’t see a general thread or area for this in the new forums so it is going in the main Codex area.

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Hello! I just kinda discovered the Sirlin games forums (I’m on the fantasy strike one)
I don’t own any of them (except Fantasy Strike), but I really love the games and would totally be down to play. I’m thinking about purchasing codex sometime in the future. Hit me back up if you ever wanna play!

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For the record, if there is anyone in the Greater Boston area that I can regularly play codex with, I will probably buy the deluxe set

I live in Woburn and would be down for meeting at a coffee shop and getting some games in.

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I’m from Newton. DM me on discord to make plans!

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I’m in Arlington, and have most of Yomi (and also am a Patreon supporter for FSFG). I also play Yomi every so often with folks at work in the Kendall Square area during lunch.

Lunch time games in Kendell square sounds great. I’m in Cambridge. Haven’t played Yomi but I’m very interested in playing some Codex (also, possibly, Puzzle Strike).

I’m interested in trying FSFG sometime. Also super excited that this thread is getting some attention after 6 months.

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Oh I got that too! I have the 5 dollar build. It just updated!

If anyone is new to this community and is from the greater Boston region, let us know, we have a discord chat

I’m in the Quincy area

YO I’ll add you to our group chat
what’s your discord name


I’m in Andover, and like to play Codex, Yomi and Puzzle Strike. Pretty new to all of them though.

accept my discord friend request and I can add you to the group!

Looks like Discord is a voice chat app? Is that just for scheduling a time/place to meet to play in person, or is it for playing remotely? Can’t tell.

It’s also a shared instant messaging app.

yeah so the majority of the fantasy strike community uses discord over forums but the sirlin games forums are more active than its discord channel.
However we have a boston chat that we just ask if people wanna play. It’s a smoother flow of communication

Hi pengwyndude, I just registered: Desiderata #4255. Thanks.

I still have a pending friend request from echomancer and I just sent desiderata one