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Atlanta, GA - hoping to form a Codex group

I live in Atlanta and would like to form a play group for Codex. I figure that the city is populous enough that there’s gotta be some folks out there looking for a game.

Here are some ideas I have for a play group:

  • Monthly. There was a time when I played cards every week, but I’m a grown-up now. I’m actually nervous that one-per-month might be ambitious for me but I really want to make this happen.
  • Codex is really want I want play, but I would play other games too sometimes (especially other Sirlin games, I like them all). I have plenty of friends who would be willing to play other games with me, but not a game like Codex, so if we’re forming this group I really do want that to be the focus.
  • Different meet-up locations. Atlanta is a big city geographically, so I think it would be fair to not always meet in the same location and require some players to drive far every time. I guess this depends on where people reside.
  • Public locations. Personally, I am not that comfortable visiting homes until I know the residents well. I prefer to meet at places like game stores that have tables for people to meet and play games.

needs to bring Codex to Dragoncon

I’m not in Atlanta, but I wish you luck, and I do stop by from time to time…