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2HD: Team 1 Blue/Purple

Team 1: Flagstone Dominion/Vortoss Conclave

Your Opponents are:

You are Team 1, and will jointly operate the Flagstone Dominion and Vortoss Conclave Alliance. As team 1, both decks start with 4 workers.

Bluecoat Musketeer
Porkhand Magistrate
Reputable Newsman
Manufactured Truth

Hardened Mox
Battle Suits
Neo Plexus
Fading Argonaut

You have until Oct 9 to post the joint turn, but feel free to finalize it sooner. :smiley:

Friendly reminder, the clarifications for the rules in this mode are on page 13 of this rulebook

I think mox will be good for this matchup. It’s unfortunate that Battle Suits doesn’t work on FRIENDLY units, otherwise we could play this pairing like a souped-up Purple Peace plan! As it stands though, we CAN still do the Boot Camp + Mox shenanigans, and Nullcraft + Drill Sergeant. So I think our Blue player is definitely well-served going for Peace tech 2. We can balance that slow build-up by playing purple more around tech 1 and early aggro, utilizing Geiger’s spells and perhaps an Unphase?

What are peoples initial strategy thoughts, before we jump into our first turns?

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@zhavier who are we playing on the other side? and going forward, can we be updated whenever someone new joins their team?

Also, how does Pillage work in 2HD?

Pillage: You target a base (there is only 1 opposing base) and steal from either deck’s gold supply. Damage and amount of gold are unchanged from single player games.

Do you want a list of names on the opposing team? I can add it to the top post.

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Yeah, that’d be cool. I’d appreciate it :slight_smile:

Our Purple Turn 2 is going to be pretty brutal, it looks like. Forgotten Fighter, Time Spiral, Temporal Research, Plasmodium, Tinkerer. At least it won’t be too difficult to find something to worker :stuck_out_tongue:

When I give you board state each turn, it will include what is in your decks and discards. But yea, those are correct Jasonwocky

I’ve been thinking about strategy, but I admit I’m really having a hard time. Still trying to wrap my head around how 2HD is likely to play out.

I agree with you on the Mox. Purple certainly has some good Tier 1 units; Glaxxes are interesting but might be vulnerable to Pillage. Prynn’s spells could be used to stall to Peace 2, and potentially clear any flying blockers that might get in the way of a Drill Sergeant + Nullcraft when we’re ready to go in.

If we get Purple to Tech 2, Peace + Present certainly sounds like fearsome combo to me. Nothing too creative there…just pounding them with big units.

I recently had a casual in person game with a friend of mine who managed to stabilise as mono-purple into a tech lab past / present build that revolved around getting a Slow Time Generator and cheating units into play with Warp Gate Disciple and Rememberer. That kind of mid-late game soft lock could be made even more obnoxious by Free Speech and Injunction and would also synergize with Overeager Cadet, and other low cost units we might want to play as part of the Peace engine. The difficulty would be in actually getting to a point where we can afford to take turns off playing units with purple to put those expensive combo enablers into play.

Any thoughts on what we should do with turns 1 and 2?

So is Jail here better or worse than in 1V1? On the one hand, we’ve got another player to spend resources on units for defense, but likewise, it’s less crippling for the enemy team since they have two different resource pools to get around it with.

I suspect Jail is worse in 2HD. They have a bigger hand and more gold, thus an easier time playing around it.

Cstick has joined team 2

Also 1 more day to finalize.

I don’t know Blue’s openings well enough, but here’s a proposal I’ll just throw out there for critique:

Purple: Hardened Mox, Worker. Expect that since our upcoming hand is terrible, we’ll be doing T2 Tower / Worker / Tech 1.

Blue: Quince / Mirror / Worker. We won’t have Manufactured Truth next turn, but they don’t know that. Not sure what we’d expect to play on T2.

Patrol: SQL: Mirror , Mox
SCAV: Mirror

Quince behind the line.

@FrozenStorm @BarnabyTJones @Illykai thoughts? Anybody have anything that they think is a better idea?

I would start newsman worker for blue, blocking 2.

I wouldn’t mind jail either, but I’m more afraid of our hero mismatch.

Reason for newsman on 2 is against black and charge. StW is going to be disgusting in this match, and charge is annoying, and archery is nothing fun either. As someone who has played a lot of black vs blue, given that we don’t have a 1 drop and are p1, I’m ok floating 1g on turn 1 against red to get StW off the table and have a little defense to help us tech up

So my vote is

Newsman (2)
Worker (1)
Float 1g, newsie in SQL

Mox (1)
Worker (0)
Mox in SQL

Quince -> Mirror -> Worker costs 5 gold, unfortunately.

Newsie on 2 sounds reasonable, I can agree to that. It can still be killed by Zane -> Mad Man + Hero -> Deteriorate, but that’s a lot of resources to dedicate and requires some specific cards from both players.

Mox is also solid, because as stated, Boot Camp with twice the resources is going to be really good. Is there merit to playing Fargo instead? Purple and Blue each have relatively soft turn 2 hands, so we can’t really get good bodies out until at least turn 3. Is a Mox, Tower, Newsie, and Blue 1-drop good enough to stay comfortable? Probably, but I wanted to throw it out there.

Unless someone has a good argument for Fargo over Mox, I agree with Frozenstorm’s turn. Worker thoughts? Nullcraft and Bluecoat?

Sorry, I missed this thread when it was created. Is it still possible to join the almighty forces of Vortoss (and their Flagstone feals) ?
I didn’t look at the red/black team - and won’t anyway.

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Per the announcement thread, you can join late as long as you haven’t looked at the other team’s thread.

Welcome aboard!

Yay !

I agree with Frozenstorm’s turn 1. I’d prefer keeping Nullcraft, maybe Neo Plexus won’t be that useful if we agree on teching solid tech I units for Purple ? Nulcraft is very unique and workering it away cuts us off some strategies, including Peace madness.

As for the mid-term, I think we should abuse of Quince and Manufacturing Truth. Quince’s midband copying Gilded Glaxx is probably our best option, but some Cadet manufacturing into Glaxx (for example) is nearly as frightening.

How does the Tower works on 2HD ? I’m not sure it’s worth the cost if it activates only when your things, and not friendly things, are attacked.