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I think you did a fine job, sir! Thanks for sitting in!


If you think so, I’d be happy to comment with you again. I just feel like there are a ton of people around who both know the players and meta better, and are much more eloquent on a mike.



If 4 hits block does nothing, just helps him cycle. If it hits does just 4, and Fivec had known joker.
If J meets block does 3 chip and lowers his hand. If it hits (as it did) brings him to the magic pixel :wink:


Ah okay, that makes sense. I was just thinking if 4 hits, he must facedown, and you get a free Q, and you still get a card if it hits a block. Forgot that J also prevents his draw. Fair point!


Thanks for joining me on the mic @Copper8642! :heart:


Ooh, I always enjoy videos where you have a co-commentator!


Listening to @Copper8642 and @mysticjuicer talk about my match with @FenixOfTheAshes was a transcendent experience. I was cackling so loudly in my apartment that people probably thought I was a witch.


I haven’t laughed that hard for a while. Copper is too good. :joy:



The video of a friend of mine’s very first tournament finals:


Wow that interface takes me back!



Thank youuuu!


Been a while! Sorry for the long absence, work kind of kicked my ass the past few weeks, and recording has been more difficult during the week since my brother started working and has been heading to bed at 8:30pm. Hopefully I’ll be able to put out some more videos more regularly from here on out.




With 19XX 4 starting up, I’ve given up on getting the rest of my run commentated and just decided to finally upload the grand finals between flagrantangles and Legion. This is still in the days before I figured out that my mic settings had been set to minimum, so it’s a bit quiet.


It’s very curious to me that you always seem to record matches I lose. COINCIDENCE OR CURSE?!