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I’m creating this thread as a central place to post videos of Yomi gameplay.

A lot of people post their recorded match videos of Yomi in tournament results threads. While I don’t want to stop that, posting them here as well would make them easier to find for people wanting to watch, and will avoid results possibly spoiling the matches. It may even lead to more views!

Please post your Yomi match videos here. Include some details of the match in your post such as tournament (or casual), round, and the combatants etc.

[Yomi Tournament] IYL 5
Deliberate Practice in Yomi

I’ll post some of my older ones to get things started.

IYL3 Round 10: @ThreeHeadedMonkey vs @lowtierhero


LowPanda Round 1 - @ThreeHeadedMonkey vs @Chompie

argh I can’t remember what I did to cause the window to be like that.


Here’s the Summer Smash game I just played vs @Copper8642!



I can’t remember what this is from! :crying_cat_face: It was game three in some tournament set, I think. This game is altogether a mystery! I can say that it does feature @FraaOrolo playing :argagarg:, who is usually quite a threat, & me calculating Geiger math poorly. :clock3::eyes:


Fluffiness vs. BD Corro Fast timer finals


Summer Smash

Leontes vs. Mi-go hunter


To touch on the tax attacks on King spin set-up.

If you K-spin, then you’re threatening either honest K-spin, or a big throw-duffing attack. A low-risk hedge against that mix-up, especially when knocked down, is to just play a sub 2.8 speed attack. If you do, you either beat the Quince attack and get out of the mix-up, or you force a dodge which doesn’t expose you to as much damage as a throw combo.

Therefore, taxing attacks discourages that safe line of play. Honest K-spin (with dodge side shown), let’s you option select attack/blodge: you get the same amount of cards if they attack as if you had spun to dodge side, and if they block, you still get to spin into throw for more potential damage.


Really enjoy your commentary. Glad you’re back!


I appreciate that. Glad someone is!


vengefulpickle vs. ClanNatioy

Summer Smash IV Loser’s bracket


IYL - flagrantangles vs Fivec

IYL - Southpaw Hare vs Jadiel


Summer Smash IV

Loser’s Bracket

Scymrian vs. Fivec

And as a special treat: before the match Scymrian had some time and treated me to a PRE-MATCH INTERVIEW. WE E-SPORTS! The questions were done over in-game chat so there isn’t much audio, but still if anyone watches and likes this sort of content and wants to see more I’ll do what I can to arrange it before some of my other vids!


Slow and painful slide into insanity and salt vs Troq (protip: don’t go low hand)


Featuring a surprise guest appearance by a certain special someone.


The Premier of the “Learning to Read” gameplay series, featuring Mystic Deadman vs. @thehug0naut in IYL action!


who is the guest? :confused:


The guest is Rook.

(Damn this forum software and its 10 character minimum.)