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After watching a bunch of these videos it seems that there is a niche here that my former Twitch streaming commentaries filled, so maybe I’ll start getting back into the commentary game, only this time actually put the vids on YouTube for posterity.

  1. Nobody else seems to go into
    a) Matchup history between players
    b) Tournament history, current performance, or “road traveled” in later tournament matches
    c) Player tendencies
  2. A combination of high-level analysis and entertainment-related shenanigans

Most of the videos are play-by-play gamestate analyses or zoomed out matchup and metagame analyses (although these mostly died out with retirement of most of DRB). These are obviously valuable and should be a staple, but it leaves room for a rogue agent. I tried to always do a combination of both of these, with touches of psychological analysis and trash-talk inserted, which I don’t think anybody else has/had. I’m not saying these things are necessarily desirable, but it was definitely an unmined area [I also experimented with theme music (which got my videos shut down, whoops!), intoxication, and random bouts of showmanship]. Which leads me to my greater goal:

My channel was always at its best when I had a co-commentator. The dynamic of two people analyzing the situation led to better compare/contrast viewpoints, better hijinks, and more compelling content, IMO. But there is a balance to be had. Get too goony and the content is just a clown show (like when I tried with Bomber), or get too insular and it becomes too similar to other content already created by other people (like when I tried with cpat). So I guess this post is just a long-winded way of trying to recruit a partner in crime! My vids with juice were always good IMO, but he already has his own thing going and I wouldn’t want to dilute his brand. So is there anybody out there who wants to try and partner up with me for some Yomi vids and see where it takes us?


I’m up for some collaboration, time permitting.


Moar content is moar better. I really enjoyed doing commentary with you, but nowadays I have trouble enough just finding time to spectate other people’s matches, much less coordinate with someone else’s schedule. I look forward to watching your vids! YouTube is a much better home for this type of content than Twitch, imo.


I REALLY like where your head is going!

While i love watching Mysticjuicer and snoc content sometime i would like to have a “Sport type” video. Someone who can give me the down low on the two player playing, like do they have a rivalry? How many time has this person lost to the other? And some history of there time in the game! All this seem like a lot to ask and seems like research will have to be made before hand (as long as people post up when their matches are)

Also seems like your co-commentator should be someone who is usually around for big matches and knows the community of wonderful Yomi players we have here.

Just my two cents please take it with a grain of salt, i know whatever youtube content you produce will be quality


Sorry I am a clown. It’s too fun.


I think it’s a good idea. I remember before the play-offs of IYL4 someone did a video analysis of all the upcoming matches and of each player involved. It was quite good!


No need to apologize for doing you, my man.


So there is a spate of matches happening tomorrow night, one after the other. Would somebody be down to partner up for one or more of them?


Where can I find your Twitch channel?


Just kidding. It’s /diemydarlinbg (I did not notice I had misspelled it when I made the account…) but don’t be expecting a wealth of content.


I wouldn’t mind.


I would be willing to join for something like a once a week IYL match. I always thought a featured weekend match would be great for the IYL. If you are interested let me know.


It’s a good idea you have Nijima-san. It would definitely fill a niche as you describe. I’ll be tuning in for sure.



Okay, my first shot at the comeback, any and all feedback, positive or negative, is appreciated.



Pre-Game hype (biggest upset ever?)

Fluff came alive when Perse came out

Excellent understanding and explanation at key moments

Intro and Outro - You had me fooled. For a moment, I thought you were mysticjuicer. The outro reminded me of Jack Black for some reason.


Chemistry - I think this can be improved. A few times you guys weren’t comprehending what you guys were saying to each other. At one point I was confused when you guys were talking about color of the cards. I thought maybe Val showed up when I wasn’t looking. You two will probably get better together over time.

Player critique - I have seen this from past commentators. After a player makes a few mistakes, then everything becomes a mistake. To your credit, you seemed to notice this and course correct.

More stats - Why is fivec the greatest Setsuki player ever? What is his record? I always get drawn in by facts over claims. You did do this in a less direct way by referring to his affect on the matchup chart.

This is off to a good start. I believe that you have the talent to make an interesting show.

Edit: I would like to add that I have a prediction. I remember your compliments to @mysticjuicer about his improvements. I think one day soon we will be seeing @vengefulpickle winning events. There is something there that is similar to mysticjuicer.


Appreciate the feedback, very much. Most of the chemistry problems were my fault this time, I kept using filler words that boxed out fluffs airtime and had to say “wut” afterwards like a dope. I’ll keep the more stats in mind. I did extensive data mining before this match but perhaps didn’t show my work enough. Also, you are not the first - or even the fifth - person to compare me to Jack Black, strangely enough.




I come off much better when I let my yomi do the talking, than when I open my mouth!

But thanks for inviting me to comment.