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Welp, it required staying up till 1 in the morning, and feeding a baby though two games, but I’ve done it! #dadsofyomi


Looking forward to watching this when I get home! :smiley:


Made it through the first two games so far, and I’m enjoying it! It’s been so long I forgot some of what happened. :smile:

One bit of feedback I have is that the audio balance is kind of bad – the game sounds often drown out your voice at inopportune moments. It sounds like you’re doing post-commentary, so that should be relatively easy to fix in future videos.


Yeah, I didn’t do a sound check, but noticed that when I checked the recording after I was done. I think I’ll probably switch to a headset mic as well for the next one.


I went back and watched through the Leontes/MR replays. Turns out, the replays play a lot faster than a regular game, which made doing the commentary trickier than my last one (that, and I really don’t know :menelker:/:grave:/:midori: that well).

But, at least the sound is better :grin:



friends don’t let friends record without a sound check


Looking forward to watching the video! A quick tip for commentating replays: you can click the ‘play’ box again, and the replay will stop advancing so you have time to cover a specific decision or combat reveal in more depth.

How did you find commentating while being able to see peoples’ hands? I don’t like it as much as doing blind commentary, personally.


Yeah, next time with a replay, I’ll probably just click manually to control the pace.

I haven’t tried any blind commentary, yet, just my game and this one with hands on. So, I guess we’ll see!

EDIT: I didn’t mind having hands on, although I think I would like it better if I had watched with a slower pace. Mainly, I thought it was interesting to compare what I would have done (given the situation) with what the player I was watching did, and how their choices work out for them. I think/hope that doing more of that will help give me more insight into other characters that I don’t yet play.


“I didn’t deserve that, but I’ll take it.” - @mysticjuicer 2017 LOL






You mention in the first game he is “out of queens”, but he had just used a Bag of Tricks to put one back on his deck, so when he uses it next turn he still has one left in his deck. Not sure if a) you care b) this is the place to leave this comment or on your YouTube page itself.


Ah, oops! Here or there is fine. :slight_smile:


i want to believe is a reference for fox moulder (Xfiles). :wink:


I know that. :smiley: I was just confused as to how it applied in the moment.


u showed the 8, u used the 8 that i beat with my own 8. so i wanted to believe (in ur reveal) :stuck_out_tongue: