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flagrantangles wins 3-1 vs @TokH
:quince::pschip::psfist::argagarg: Things are mostly even-ish until the end when TokH is right and I am wrong. I played too loose and he played quite tight.
:quince::psfist::pschip::argagarg: Quince can really get on a roll is what we learned here. I believe I spun the same J and either threw or crossed up the block 3 or 4 times. I also got a very early Consent of the Governed in. I think I took maybe 10 damage this game.
:quince::psfist::pschip::argagarg: This one progresses evenly in part because TokH started punishing my J-spin reveal throw tech. I got hit in the face a lot. I manage to close this one out by throwing a lot, especially with conveniently drawn and recurred 7 throws.
:quince::psfist::pschip::argagarg: I get tossed around early in this one. TokH plays more pokes than I expect and I’m a little too handsy! Eventually I let my completely known Consent of the Governed fly and it beats a 3 poke. He plays a FD which I’m sure is a joker and decide not to play my final Ace into it. IT WAS A BLUFF. I spin a K which defeats his block and then combo into Q++. Now I’ve got him down to 19 life and plenty of damage in hand to resolve that. I decide to play the final Ace instead of the King. It runs into a delicious 7 throw. After that, I do dodge+6-normal for my Patriot Mirror setup and defeat another 7 throw. I combo into lethal successfully because Jokers did not make an appearance for TokH. :open_mouth:

General notes, while I attached two bubble shields with gold bursts, I removed them the following turn. The first time I 7-threw a dodge and the second time I Q’d a throw. FEELS GOOD.


@JonnyD vs @Shax


JonnyD wins 3-0!

GGs dude.


Is that 3 matches of Jaina vs Valerie?


Yes, it was. Red Dragon is mean to Valerie.




Week 13 standings

SuperSilver League (15+ :star:)

Player Points Active
flagrantangles :psfist:

Silver League (10+ :star:)

Player Points Active
Niijima-san :star::star::star::star: :knockdown:
JonnyD :star::star::star: :psfist:

SuperBronze League (5+ :star:)

Player Points Active
Zqxx :star::star::star::star: :knockdown:
Ivan :star: :psfist:
snoc :star: :knockdown:

Bronze League (0+ :star:)

Player Points Active
TokH :star::star::star::star: :psfist:
Caralad :star::star::star: :psfist:
LizardLinc :star::star::star: :psfist:
FaceOnMars :star::star: :psfist:
Shax :star::star: :psfist:
ArthurWynne :star: :psfist:
Journeyboy :star: :psfist:
NobodysHero :star: :psfist:
Castanietzsche :star: :knockdown:
Hobusu :psfist:
MR75 :psfist:
Oddus :psfist:
Xiba :psfist:
Attilian :knockdown:
FenixOfTheAshes :knockdown:
thehug0naut :knockdown:
variable :knockdown:
vengefulpickle :knockdown:

Week 13 matches

Oddus ──┐
Hobusu β”€β”˜
Journeyboy ━━┓
             ┑━ Journeyboy ──┐
Ivan β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”˜               β”‚
Xiba ────────┐               β”‚
             ┒━ NobodysHero β”€β”˜
NobodysHero ━┛
LizardLinc ━━━━━┓
                ┑━ LizardLinc ━┓
vengefulpickle β”€β”˜              ┃
                               ┑━ LizardLinc ─┐
FaceOnMars ━━━━━┓              β”‚              β”‚
                ┑━ FaceOnMars β”€β”˜              β”‚
MR75 β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”˜                             β”‚
Xiba ───────────┐                             β”‚
                ┒━ Caralad ━┓                 β”‚
Caralad ━━━━━━━━┛           ┃                 β”‚
                            ┑━ Caralad β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”˜
Journeyboy ─────┐           β”‚
                ┒━ Hobusu β”€β”€β”˜
Hobusu ━━━━━━━━━┛
Xiba ─┐
Ivan β”€β”˜
Shax ─┐
TokH β”€β”˜
MR75 ───────┐
FaceOnMars β”€β”˜
TokH ───────────┐
                ┒━ flagrantangles ─┐
flagrantangles ━┛                  β”‚
Oddus ──────────┐                  β”‚
                ┒━ ArthurWynne β”€β”€β”€β”€β”˜
ArthurWynne ━━━━┛


Looking at the brackets, not sure how they work/what they represent. Could you explain? Like why are some brackets 3-4 tiers deep and some are only one.

Also i think nobodyshero beat xiba not Hobusu. Unless thats another bracket.


Yeah, seems like the bracket generator is a bit wonky again. I see the problem, and will re-post once it’s fixed. (EDIT: Thought I fixed it, and then realized there was another problem… software… Now I think it’s all fixed, and I’ve updated back to round 10 with the correct brackets.)

The idea is that each player is in an 8-man tournament. Each week is another round in the tournament. However, we don’t actually know what the 8 members of the tournament are until the 3rd round (instead, we just stitch the tournaments together as we go).

EDIT: For instance, if you look at LizardLinc/Caralad this week, you can see that the tournament was effectively LizardLinc, vengefulpickle, FaceOnMars, MR75, Xiba, Caralad, JourneyBoy, and Hobusu, and that there were no byes in that tournament. But going back a week, we would have seen the top half of that bracket and the bottom half of that bracket as independent tournaments.


Arthur Wynne vs flagrantangles

:vendetta: :psfist: :knockdown: :quince: Lots of Vendamage.
:vendetta: :knockdown: :psfist: :quince: Lots of Positive Spin, and a little too much gonzo on the Ven side.
:jaina: :knockdown: :psfist: :quince: Not a real counterpick, at least when you don’t get your 10* s.
:troq: :psfist: :knockdown: :quince: All of the throws - and Good Move!
:troq: :knockdown: :psfist: :geiger: FLASH KICK! FLASH KICK! Comeback… FLASH KICK!!!

flagrantangles wins 3-2.


Hot crackers! I’ve been sniped! The summary is accurate. I thought I had that first game but alas, I played too disrespectfully and got GOT. The first Troq game was an absolute mess from my side. I didn’t win a SINGLE COMBAT. :open_mouth: Good thing Geiger will always HELP ME.


Hah, sorry about sniping the likes! I just happened to check the forum right when it got posted… :sweat_smile:


in the spirit of @SouthpawHare, I feel I must correct you. Ahem, TIMEKICK!


Report of my match vs. Hobusu. English is not my native language, so bear with me =) this turned out to be quite a lengthy write-up.

Game 1

:setsuki: :psfist: :knockdown: :degrey:
I’m jumping around Degrey at the beginning, while he mostly blocks, get a throw into a 28pts combo in and then jump around some more. After more jumping I finally manage to catch Degrey with my Q for 15 more damage, empty my hand and refill with Bag of Tricks. Then he knocks me down (tricking me with his pointy-finger-thingy), and promptly repeats the process, getting me down to 30 in the meantime. I catch him with two back to back throws into block and dodge and get him down to 1hp (even GGing in the process, since I’m bad at math =P) I play 7 throw into 7 Point, Counterpoint throw, he tries to rotate it, but I have my smoke bomb handy.

Game 2

:setsuki: :knockdown: :psfist: :quince:
I start off with dodging his attack and playing 2 fresh Aces for 18 damage. After that Quince points at me to play attack, so I play it into his throw and empty my hand into his Joker. Woo-hoo, got 1 dmg in! The game proceeds as most my games against Quince - I get him to about half HP, he hits me and starts to spin, at which point I start losing miserably, trying to outthink both him and myself %) I meet his attack with a throw and eat a 6 spiced with triple Ace down to 14 hp, spinning continues, I get 1 combo in and lose with my 9 throw to his 7 throw in the end.

Game 3

:degrey: :psfist: :knockdown: :quince:
I try my newest secret weapon, which is DeGrey. We both get some chip damage in to start things off, though my hand is not the greatest. I get in a few throws with almost no follow-up. After a successful Patriot mirror attack Hobusu times out with Quince and so I catch him with my throw into his Dodge/Block split (which the game randomly gives him, I guess). Luckily this doesn’t seem to phase him much, as he proceeds to wipe the floor with my face and keeps spinning happily. I catch his spinning Queen with my faster 3, then get my 3rd unsuccessful Counterpoint into his 3rd fast attack. After that Quince points and says β€œPlay a throw”, so I play it, making sure that it’s faster than the K that he’s spinning. He gets to draw up to 10 and I get to combo into my double Ace for 36 dmg and leave him at 6HP (Degrey in a nutshell). He points at me twice, insisting that I should play a dodge, at which point I’m too confused to thoroughly think through his trickery, so I just hope my 0.2 speed K gets me through, which it does.

Game 4

:degrey: :knockdown: :psfist: :setsuki:
Setsuki hits me with faster K and proceeds to combo me for 36 dmg (T_T), after that she correctly identifies that I’ll play chicken and introduces my Ace dodge to her throw into 21 more dmg. I catch her with another Ace next turn, ready to finally bring her some pain, but she crushes my dreams with a joker. I catch her with my faster throw into double Ace for 32 dmg. Then I get caught with her Q into some more pain and I’m at 17, catch her with Ace dodge into what looks like throw-double Ace-30+ dmg, but this girl just never runs out of Jokers! I hit her once, but in the end she throws me into gg-combo.

Game 5

:setsuki: :psfist: :knockdown: :setsuki:
Good ol’ Setsuki mirror. I personally don’t like it, but I’ve played her the most and I have no Idea who to play against her, so I decide to duke it out Highlander-style. This was a fast and furious match, I do all the weird stuff you could think of, like attacking into opponents SoF, but apparently Hobusu didn’t think I was that mad of a person, so I catch him off-guard a lot. Few combos later there is only one Setsuki left, which is I!

Good games, Hobusu, superexciting too. You were right - Setsuki mirror is hillarious (as I watch a replay), but I still hate it =)


It looks like you’ve got a few extra colons there. For example, the first matchup should look like :setsuki: :psfist: :knockdown: :degrey: in your editing window and :setsuki: :psfist: :knockdown: :degrey: in the final post, but you have extra colons after :setsuki: and :degrey:. Your English seems fine, by the way.

That was a fun set! Still a bit sad that I probably lost the set only because I ran out of time on the Patriot Mirror turn, since I’d meant to play dodge (which I did) and a mixup normal (which got replaced with block by the timer), so I would’ve beat your 7-throw with either a 5 or 6 attack and done a pretty good combo. Still, I enjoyed Quince enough that I think I’ll try using him more in the future. Good games, and I look forward to our next match!


Yeah, Quince is especially dependent on hitting an opponent in the face. Well, if you ever feel the need to practice your Quince - I am at your service! I’m finding it very hard to beat him with Setsuki and would love to practice this MU more.


Going to take a break from this for a bit.


Ok, I’ll take you out next week


Caralad vs @LizardLinc

:troq: :psfist: :pschip: :valerie:
:troq: :psfist: :pschip: :valerie:
:troq: :psfist: :pschip: :setsuki:

GG’s Lizard. Considering it was your first time fighting troq, you played pretty well, especially that first game.


Ivan vs Xiba - 3:1
GGs mate.


Journeyboy v Nobodyshero

Journeyboy wins 3-1

Gwen was able to be oppressive against rook with an aggressive attack/throw mixup. Lucky/good timing allowed Gwen to disarm rook’s A’s with q reversals. Vendetta murdered my Gwen with a good attack/dodge/throw mixup. No one combo chunked me heavyily; it was more of a calculated march of vendetta winning combats often and arcobating out of losing ones. My degrey was able to abuse vendetta’s natural high hand size. I made good use of 4’s mind games, and A dodges.