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[Yomi] Forums Quick Matches - Sign Ups Always Open!


I’ll take it as a given that you are here because you want to play more Yomi. But there’s no one hanging out in Quick Match (because there’s no one hanging out in Quick Match), and IYL just kicked off, so there won’t be any more tournaments for 4 months, so what’s a body to do?

Forum Quick Match


  1. Be able to sign up for ongoing weekly matches, without committing to any particular period of games.
  2. Get matched with other players of similar ability.
  3. Play against new and interesting opponents.
  4. Proudly display your forum rank!

These will be subject to change as we figure out how everything works best, but to start:

  1. Games will be Best of 5 (first to 3 wins)
  2. Standard counterpick from the full cast
  3. Matches will be played on a weekly basis.
    1. Any match where the players can’t find a common schedule will be no-fault, and no one will gain or lose ranking.
    2. Any match with a no-show will be forfeited by the player who didn’t show.
  4. Match pairings will be generated by the organizer
    • As of this writing, the following will be considered in order when pairing
      1. Number of consective wins
      2. Current league
      3. Preferred play times
  5. Current rankings will be reported to the thread at the end of every week.

I’ll be adding more description of the exact details of the matching algorithm, but for the moment, feel free to sign up. I’ll start sending out match invites when we have some level of critical mass, hopefully starting within the next couple of weeks.


I’ll give this a shot


Out of curiosity, would these matches be tracked in @mysticjuicer’s chart?


My inclination would be to track them, since they are played under conditions that are not-unlike other tournaments (Bo5, full cast counterpick, assigned opponent).


No reason not to track them, really.


Hi ! I’m interested, count me in B)


In! I’ll also see if I can get any of my IRL Yomi friends to try this, since it sounds less intimidating than a tournament.


I’m super in. I might also be able to recruit someone if I’m lucky.


I’ll give it a shot.


Sure I’m in. IMO @vengefulpickle need to find some help in this with more TOs, because that sounds like a lot of hard work to be done.


sure why not


I’m going to be running it mostly with a python script that I’ve written/am writing, so it shouldn’t be too much work once that’s done.



Gauging Interest: Drop-in/Drop-out Ranked-Forums format

I am very interested in this Yomise! :smiley_cat:

Also, I’m in Central Standard Time & I’d prefer to play between 9 PM & 12 AM from Monday to Friday! I might be able to play earlier on weekends!


I’m sorta interested in Yomi right and this looks pretty low commitment so I feel comfortable entering.


Sure, I’ll give it a shot.


Scheduled Yomi is my favorite Yomi! Count me in, honeycakes!


I promise I haven’t forgot about this, it’s just been a busy week so I haven’t managed to code up the tools yet.


Eh, I might as well throw my hat in here too. Getting more practice can’t hurt!


there’s always need to play!