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[Tournament] Yomi Olympic Carnival 2018 - Concluded


It’s time for me to resurrect another classic tournament format!

Yomi Olympic Carnival: 2018

The Yomi Olympic Carnival is a Conquest based double-elimination tournament.

Allowed Characters: Conquest format - Players submit a 3-character team when they sign up or any time before the start date of the tournament. When a player wins with a character, they may not play the character again for the current set and must switch. Players may public announce their stable, or message me privately. Any player not submitting their characters ahead of the start of the tournament will have their wrists slapped.
Country Selection: All teams must select the country (real or imagined) that they are competing for.
Character select: All games of a set is double-blind
Format: Double-elimination
Timer: Medium
Set Length: First to 3 (Best of 5)
Seeding: The brackets will be seeded in order of current Elo rating
Scheduling: You will have one week to schedule and complete each match, deadline is Monday evening Eastern time. I will discuss who loses in a situation where a match fails to occur with my co-TOs.
Double KOs: No wins or losses awarded - replay the same match-up
Server Crash: No wins or losses awarded - replay the same match-up
Reporting: Either the victor or the vanquished (or both) should post results in this thread.
Sportsmanship: Be nice!
Schedule: I’d like to kick this off at the beginning of February.

Scheduling Tip 1: is an excellent resource for scheduling matches across timezones.

Scheduling Tip 2: If you are posting to the scheduling conversation first, provide a list of dates and times when you are available to play. If you are posting to the scheduling conversation second, pick a specific start time and date for your match from those provided by your opponent. If none work for you, propose specific alternatives.

Entrants (32)

Full List
  1. vengefulpickle - USA - :persephone::vendetta::bbb:
  2. mysticjuicer - Canada - :troq::onimaru::zane:
  3. Zqxx - Beanbean Kingdom - :argagarg::setsuki::midori:
  4. CKR - USA - :onimaru::setsuki::zane:
  5. UTRALAW - Canada - :onimaru::menelker::troq:
  6. Bob199 - Taiwan - :codexargagarg: :valerie: :codexzane:
  7. Caralad - Great Britain - :troq: :degrey: :zane:
  8. Ivan - Bulgaria - :midori::jaina::degrey:
  9. Niijima-san - Mother Russia - :chibizane::chibimenelker::chibigeiger:
  10. ArthurWynne - Norway - :jaina::gloria::argagarg:
  11. Hobusu - USA - :degrey: :codexsetsuki: :codexonimaru:
  12. flagrantangles - Cyador, Empire of Light - :quince: :geiger: :onimaru:
  13. desiderata - USA - :argagarg::midori::degrey:
  14. Copper8642 - Arstotzka - :menelker: :vendetta: :bbb:
  15. FenixOfTheAshes - Midwest - :degrey::menelker::onimaru:
  16. MysticDeadman - Nerdo Crombezia - :chibigwen::chibizane::chibionimaru:
  17. Castanietzsche - Corsica - :valerie::quince::jaina:
  18. SouthpawHare - USA - :bbb::gloria::zane:
  19. MR75 - Liguria - :grave: :menelker: :gwen:
  20. MadKing - Latveria - :troq::geiger::bbb:
  21. Tumbles - Canada - :setsuki: :argagarg: :gloria:
  22. Attilian - Ireland - :degrey: :zane: :lum:
  23. snoc - Britain -:setsuki::lum::gloria:
  24. lum_at_1st_sight - Charter Township of Redford, Michigan - :lum::chibilum::lum: :lum::setsuki::zane:
  25. FaceOnMars - Michigandia - :gwen: :degrey: :lum:
  26. Fivec - USA - :setsuki::geiger::troq:
  27. Legion - Castlevania, Wallachia - :grave::valerie::geiger:
  28. ClanNatioy - USA - :grave: :midori: :troq:
  29. Fluffiness - ??? - :persephone::gwen::zane:
  30. Bomber678 - Australia - :rook: :menelker: :zane:
  31. HolyTyrant27 - ??? - :geiger: :troq: :rook:
  32. Leontes - Mexico - :midori: :menelker: :grave:

Bracket on Challonge

Yomi Olympic Carnival 2018?

@CloudCuckooCountry: Since you ran this last time, let me know if you feel strongly about being involved in keeping the hype going this time!


I thought I had said I was in in the polling thread, but perhaps not. That being said allow me to be the first to post my stable-

Allow me to go out on a total limb here:


Oh, and once again I will be national fear-monger Mother Russia. Yes, we may be banned from the Winter Olympics but that does not matter here. Our natural unenhanced athleticism will carry country to glory!


I think this probably can be deleted. :slight_smile:


Oops! I thought I got rid of all of the LLO remnants in the rules writeup.


I’ll PM you my stable. I’ll represent Canada.


I want to join, representing Norway. I’ll PM you my stable as soon as I make final selections. : p


I may regret this, but I’m going to be running :persephone::vendetta::bbb:, representing the USA.


Gutsy! I like it.


Are multiple people allowed to pick the same country?


Yes. (ten chars)


I’m in! I’ll represent Cyador, Empire of Light!
:quince: :geiger: :onimaru: know how to build and maintain an empire!


Good, then I can go for USA as well. :degrey: :codexsetsuki: :codexonimaru:

:codexdegrey: when


Put me down as representing the Great White North :maple_leaf:Canada :maple_leaf:
Undecided yet on my stable will info you later


I’d like to give this a shot. Not expecting to be competitive, but it sounds like fun. I’ll put some thought into my stable and PM the organizer.

Also, I don’t see it anywhere in the rules, but it looks like the stable is exactly 3 characters.

Oh, and country is US. Thanks for running this!


Yes, that’s true. I’ll make that clear in the rules. (It’s implied by it being First To 3, maybe, but it’s better to be explicit).


Lemme put in my hot :menelker: :vendetta: :bbb: team.

Glory to Arstotzka!


My team will be:
:midori: - for grappler
:jaina: - for fun
:degrey: - for THE WIN
i will represent my country - :checkered_flag: Bulgaria :checkered_flag:


My team USA will be :onimaru::grave::zane:


Since there’s so much USA rep already can I represent the Midwest region?

Either way, in. I’ll PM you my team.