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[Tournament] Yomi Olympic Carnival 2018 - Concluded


I will be representing Great Britain. My stable is yet to be decided.


The country of Nerdo Crombezia is so sleazy, its athletes prepare for the Yomi Olympic Carnival by [blank]ing!

Uusal stable: :chibigwen::chibizane::chibionimaru:


I’m in :smile_cat:
Representing Corsica with :valerie::quince::jaina: !


:disguisedmonkey: , works for me

台灣(Taiwan) #1

:codexargagarg: :valerie: :codexzane:


“Wait…is that a MONKEY???”


I was looking for this post


In for USA.
:bbb: :gloria: :zane:


I don’t suppose we could implement a rule that whenever somebody doesn’t show up for a scheduled match the opponent gets spotted a game?



So I’m in, representing my “piece of country”: Liguria(ITA) :smile:

I will submit my stable (:grave: :menelker: ?) before tourney starts!

Thx @vengefulpickle for you necromancer ability!


Thanks! I stand on the shoulders of giants.


Representing LATVERIA


If anyone is worried that I will randomly disappear I have @Leontes to kick me in the head to actually play my matches since he’s my roommate


Hey, this is Tumbles! I’d like to sign up for this. I’ll message you on discord as well


Count me in. Representing Ireland.

I’ll let you know my team closer to the time.


OK sure, why not, I’ll come up with a team SoonTM. And I’ll represent FREE INDEPENDENT BRITAIN #BREXIT #FARAGE #MAKEBRITAINGREATAGAIN


I shall be representing the Beanbean Kingdom at this year’s Olympic games with :argagarg:, :setsuki:, and :midori:.

May we make Queen Bean and Prince Peasley proud!


Hey folks! I’m here to represent the Charter Township of Redford, Michigan.

Since I can’t pick :lum::chibilum::lum:, I suppose I’ll go with :lum::setsuki::zane:. :stuck_out_tongue:

For Yia-Yia and Pappou!


Only 7 8 more to a perfect 32-bracket! Bring your friends!


I would like to change my selection to :setsuki::onimaru::zane:

After Grave screwed me in LLO, he is out on vacation/fired.



Hey folks! I’m here to represent the Charter Township of Redford, Michigan.

Welcome fellow Michigander!

I will play. I will represent Michigandia? My stable is :gwen: :degrey: :lum:


So, @Sirlin just layed out his randomized design for a conquest style format (as a Fantasy Strike game mode), and I think I have a way to adapt it to online Yomi (and this seems like the tournament to try it on). I’ll lay out my proposal, and then let you all shoot holes in it.

So, the idea is that (as in regular conquest) each player picks a stable of 3 characters. They need to win with each of the characters once in order to win the set. However, rather than choosing who they will play in a given round, it is selected randomly. If you win a game, your character is removed from play (you won’t play with them again this set). If you lose a game, your character is set aside until you have played with the rest of your stable, and then is reshuffled in.

For example, say I’m playing :vendetta::persephone::bbb: to your :grave::argagarg::jaina:. The set goes as follows:

:persephone: > :jaina: (both selected from the full stables)
:bbb: < :grave: (:bbb: selected from :vendetta::bbb:, :grave: selected from :grave::argagarg:)
:vendetta: < :argagarg: (only remaining characters)
reshuffle :bbb::vendetta:, :jaina: only one remaining opposing
:bbb: > :jaina: (:bbb: selected randomly from :bbb::vendetta:)
:vendetta: < :jaina: (only remaining characters)

The difficulty in our tournament Yomi set would appear to be the randomness. To alleviate that, I’m proposing to roll all the numbers up front in the match scheduling threads. Each player will get 3 numbers from 1-6. Each match that needs random selection, the next number will be used to select your character. If you have 3 left, then 1-2 gets you the 1st on (alphabetically), 3-4 the 2nd, 5-6 the 3rd. If you have 2 left, then 1-3 gets you the first, 4-6 gets the second.

In the above example, the number strings might have been 3-3-1 and 6-4-X (the last random number for player 2 is never used).

I’m going to use TO’s privilege to make this rule change, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on it:

  • Love it!
  • Seems interesting, willing to try.
  • I’ll allow it…
  • No comment
  • I dunno about this, but I’ll give it a shot.
  • This is terribad, you’re going to ruin the format, I’m out!

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